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Trophies Awarded to 07_hemi_thunderroad

    Trophies > You Post Likeable stuff

  1. Somebody Likes Your Stuff
    Awarded: Feb 17, 2015

    Somebody Likes Your Stuff

    Points: 2

    Somebody out there liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!

    Users who have attained this trophy: throbak, bigling97, matfalk, trapperDave, ISPfowler, Rauch, LoveHunting, the_outlaw, ccavacini, waterswatter, Birddog13, Hermdog, Big Dave, live2hunt009, Indyhuntr, Lulu Patches, Hoosier Headhunter, Davers, iceman10, EdJ

  2. Trophies > Posting Trophies

  3. Sportsman
    Awarded: Feb 17, 2015


    Points: 5

    Thanks for making your first 5 posts.

    Users who have attained this trophy: bluedevil, rudi's dad, billvet6, HoosierHuntress, Travis907, fishing addict, bestshot, slipbobber, winchester00dog, coyotekiller, Cincybass, ChapstickCharlie, rprovines, rico, driftboat, gregm, seabee, fire831, tenring, Suitcase

  4. First Message
    Awarded: Dec 9, 2014

    First Message

    Points: 1

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.

    Users who have attained this trophy: Floyd D, MrBuckfly, billvet6, Turpie, thousandcasts, Doc Lisenby, Hamilton Reef, Budster, hoosierarcher, CallMaker, goggleye57, rockinmichigan, Dangler, backstrap, rprovines, toad, Bob Devine, Gobblerman, Indiana Hunter, bucko12pt

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  6. You've been here one season!
    Awarded: Feb 5, 2015

    You've been here one season!

    Points: 50

    You've been coming here for one entire year now. We do appreciate it.

    Users who have attained this trophy: Floyd D, Dangler, coonhunter2244, go2epointers, Bucko, Bob B., rockinmichigan, Shad, gsoltman, donovan, Gobblerman, fishersofmen, Lil Mama, Hoosierdady, mal, Archer, CallMaker, thousandcasts, Big Cheese, Omegatron