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Sep 18, 2016
Dec 29, 2012
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Sep 18, 2016
    1. Pablo75
      I'm right down the road from you in Ossian, which would be Wells Co. Just like you I just started hunting last year. I used to hunt a long time ago with my stepdad, so I'm not to green, lol. I don't have any private land, so I'm forced to hunt over at J.E. Roush. The section I'm in is very promising, I hunted it a lot last year and missed a chance at a decent 8 pointer due to inexperience with the bow I borrowed. This year I'm using a crossbow, don't want to take any chances. I was seriously depressed I missed my chance to get my first buck, but at the same time I was excited because I had manage to call him with my bleet can and a few grunts. Where do you hunt? Are on urban ground? Looking forward to this year, hopefully I don't let you guys down. I can at least gurantee 5 pts. for taking my son out with me though.
    2. danimal260
      I'm way northeast. Allen county. Fort Wayne to be exact. Madison county is way south I think, right?
    3. JJ1977
      Hey there I have been hunting for only about 6 yrs but I am more than happy to show you around to some good places if you are near by. I really enjoy watching others get their first dear and I help them achieve their goals. I would even be more than happy to help you process it if needed also. So where are you located by chance - I am in Madison county.
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