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southeast in. morfield area jeff co.
    1. Dadfsr
      One of these days I want to hit the woods with you....I still want to know what I'm looking for in the late summer/early fall mushroom hunting plus I've always been interested in the ginseng harvesting but just didn't know enough about the particulars to try it. I know I've got ginseng on my property and had a guy that used to harvest it but he passed a couple of years have lost that contact. BTW I'm also thinking that the property owner where I was going hog hunting east of Bedford may be rethinking some of his life goals since his wife passed suddenly from cancer last year-which means he doesn't seem to want to go hunting or do anything with hunting right now :( if you ever hear of anyone that would let a "northerner" do some feral piggy hunting I would sure appreciate it! I've got plenty of deer, turkey and squirrel on my property so don't want/need to hunt those any where else. Thanks!!
      Doug Felix
    2. umtnman
      Hello again, Yo hunting B.o. this year? Lookslike we should be there the last bow hunt and the 1st sun - mon gun hunt. And hopefully the youth hunt with both kids.
    3. umtnman
      Thanks. Two of my buddys hunted last weekend. In 61 saw 13 does(0 bucks) shot 1. Other shot big doe in area 37.
    4. throbak
      or walk the creek off morgan
    5. throbak
      if I were to hunt 38 I wouldwalk south off off h rd.past restricted towards the creek there used to be a lot of beavers back there so should be water
    6. umtnman
      Hello, Picked today for the nov. 20-21 gun hunt. we got area 38. Any ideas on where to start in this area? Thanks, Chuck
    7. umtnman
      Just found out both of my kids got picked for the youth hunt at Big Oaks. That shold be a fun day.
    8. throbak
      my buddy picked 47 I gave him a list the list was all picked so he picked 47 and there is only 4 hunters in it that makes it easier and I worked there for the fish service for 5 years so any area is OK I know something about most of them
    9. umtnman
      no, I got my dates confused. We will be in 47 on the 30-31 Bow hunt, 57 on Nov 7 and 48 on Nov8 and on Nov 20-21. Why did you pick 47, I messed up I wanted 48. Which area do you like in 47. Thinking of just sw of the lookout tower and just N of the tower on the North side of the small creekbed. I will head those wirections and see what I find. If you know anyone that needs a partner for oct 16 and 17 I would like to go. Or if someone want to try a no show. Chuck (317)319-2411
    10. umtnman
      I will possibly be in 47 that day, Why did I pick 47 0 taken last year in 47. Shot my 1st deer(doe) last Fri morning.
    11. jackc99
      throbak - he also received the INCA (Indiana Conservation Alliance) award as legislator of the year. I know. I nominated him.


    12. Stumped
      Im headed down south to my farm ponds down by you to fish friday and saturday just wondering hows the ice with the warm weather. After I got you phone number to give you grass carp this summer I shot 2 pig grassys,but lost both at the boat. I still have your number and will give another try this summer.
    13. throbak
      about area 3 north of serrano brett at L rd. not too bad reasonably flatt.on area 57 100 yd south close to rd are more persimmons good spot when fruits on . about middle of pond on south is a pin oak i had trimmed out LOOK FOR IT
    14. umtnman
      The guy I hunted with this weekend is hunting 3 next weekend? Ever been up there? 2 guys with heat trouble and out of shape and his brother picked it. I dont get it.
    15. umtnman
      Strike 1. No luck this weekend. I found the old homestead sight, Put my stand down to find a good spot in the dark. Then spent the next 20 minutes triing to find my stand again. I eventually went to the nw corner of the grass field went in about60 yrds and set up. Had a brown animal(think deer) walk in heavy cover behind me. I jumped a doe later in the day. My buddy didnot see a thing on Sat. When he walked out he did find the pond that you were talking about. So sh sat up just west of in Sun morning to have a older nice 8pt come in from the nw of him 25 yds out. It took him by a bit of supprise and when he liffted his bow his arrow fell off his rest and hit the bow. Buck looked at him and was history. In 2 weeks I think I am going to set up by the pond. What do you think about my partner setting up to the south of me 50-100 yrds or so? I wanted to thank you for the good info that you gave me. Talk to you later.
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