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  1. Monster Carp.... I'm speechless

    Monster Carp.... I'm speechless

    That thing could feed a small army! I had ice forming on the tip of my pole that day. brrrrrr but it was worth it.
  2. bowfishing carp

    bowfishing carp

    7-15-2007 carp from a creek, bowfishing 23" long
  3. Carp


    Well had a nice day at the Huntington Dam, here is a carp that was 30" and had a girth of 21 1/4", hope this helps with some points.
  4. 85 pound carp

    85 pound carp

    New Iowa state record carp. 85 pounds caught May 3rd, 2007
  5. 13lb carp

    13lb carp

    taken on 6 lb test and corn