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  1. Common size catfish in these parts.

    This catfish was caught by Mark Adkins about 5 years ago. He caught it at the McAlpine Locks and Dam. He told me that it weighed in at over 60lbs.
  2. catfish

    My buddy's 28lb flathead 5-19
  3. Cat fish

    Well here is a little catfish for our team, 28" long and 15 1/4" girth. Just wanted my team THE PREDATORS to know that I am fishing for something other than gills. Sorry don't know how to put them on the thread.
  4. 53lb flathead

    my buddy's 53.5lb, 46" flathead caught june 12, 2005 out of the white river. Bring on the Summer!
  5. catfish2

1-5 of 5 Results