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  1. Indiana Whitetail Hunting
    Good morning everyone, I’ve always had an interest in hunting whitetail growing up, as my dad has always been an avid hunter. After high school, I joined the Marine Corps and had been away for awhile. Got out after my enlistment and keep telling myself that I’m going to get into hunting...
  2. Indiana Whitetail Hunting
    Hey guys. Just wanted to check in since I have gone out a few times now. I have been going out to Kingsbury in La Porte County. First off no I have not harvested anything. I have the 1 buck permit and I have seen a few does but that's it. I know I could always get it for does too but I guess I...
  3. Indiana Whitetail Hunting
    Hey all! My name's Steve, I'm 32, live in Porter County, and this is my first year attempting to harvest a deer. I got my 1 buck license, my gear, my information gathered, and am ready to hit it. I've been shooting a long time and love the outdoors, just haven't been hunting till now. I have...
  4. New User Introductions
    My name is Steve, I'm in Porter County. I am brand spanking new to all of this. I have been shooting for a long time and enjoy the outdoors a lot but this is going to be my first year trying to take a deer. Got my license, my gear, most of my ducks in a row, and I'm ready to get it on. I have a...
  5. few pics

    Biggest smallie caught in the river behind my house.
  6. few pics

    Tall 8 pntr shot with a .44 p.c.r.
  7. few pics

    My 6x6 elk shot in Colorado
  8. few pics

    My First and only elk next to my first and biggest deer.
  9. few pics

    7 pntr shot with a .44 pistol caliber rifle.
  10. DSCI0151

  11. DSCI0148

  12. 1220091059a_1_

    my son tyler's first deer. 130lbs 6 point. he did a great job this season, as it got extended into the muzzeloader season. we had sat all day, with lots of patience, and right when it was almost time to call it quits, this one showed up. Great 100 yard shot tyler.

  14. weird deer

    i think its a baby fallow buck
  15. weird deer

    i think its a baby fallow buck
  16. three legged deer

    doe with leg missing
  17. Wyoming Muley

    Shot this October 2, 2007 in Wyoming with old faithfull 30-06 at about 20 yards. He ran out of a ****** right towards me.
  18. biggest doe ive shot in indiana

    she was pretty big biggest ive seen and shot
1-20 of 26 Results