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  1. 2nd camera

    2nd camera

    Here is the doe again, as she was coming out of the woods. The 1st picture was from the side.
  2. New Camera doe

    New Camera doe

    This doe likes to get close. What you doing?
  3. New camera picture

    New camera picture

    Doe north of my house
  4. nephews first deer

    nephews first deer

    my nephews first deer, see him smile!
  5. Deer and Coyote with bow

    Deer and Coyote with bow

    October 29, 2005 8:00 AM: 120 lb button buck moves in with two other deer, to check out my bleet can call. Shot at the buck and he jumped the string. He slowly walked away and I shot again. He didn't duck this time. While I was waiting, A Coyote was comming to check out the call. She stopped at my