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  1. Indiana Whitetail Hunting
    Hey guys. Just wanted to check in since I have gone out a few times now. I have been going out to Kingsbury in La Porte County. First off no I have not harvested anything. I have the 1 buck permit and I have seen a few does but that's it. I know I could always get it for does too but I guess I...
  2. First 2009 Doe

    I took this doe on 10/4/09.
  3. Doe & Fawn

    Check this pic out.
  4. 2006 Indiana Doe

    Bud Fields and his Indiana Doe that field dressed 118 lbs. Taken October 2, 2006.
  5. Doe and Fawn

    This doe and fawn enjoying the minerals that I put out. Kelp meal and goat minerals. I think this picture would make a good greeting card
1-7 of 7 Results