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  1. First Deer

    Got my first deer this year, after two years of intense learning and scattered purchases of equipment. I can't wait to get my first doe for the season!
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  4. 1220091059a_1_

    my son tyler's first deer. 130lbs 6 point. he did a great job this season, as it got extended into the muzzeloader season. we had sat all day, with lots of patience, and right when it was almost time to call it quits, this one showed up. Great 100 yard shot tyler.
  5. My sons first buck

    This was my sons first time in the stand. I borrowed a 20ga. shotgun from a friend, cause being 11 years old i didn't figure he shoulda used a 12 ga. He had does and buttons around him and chose to pass them up as his first kill. This buck came in chasing a doe, and before I had the chance to tell
  6. puppies and pigeons

    Puppies and pigeons
  7. My First King Salmon

    This is the first salmon I ever caught, its length is 21 3/4" and its girth is 11" weighed about 4 pounds. Caught it on the St. Joe river when I went fishing for the first time there with my eldest brother. Some have gotten bigger, but it made me proud :D
1-8 of 8 Results