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  1. few pics

    few pics

    Biggest smallie caught in the river behind my house.
  2. few pics

    few pics

    My 6x6 elk shot in Colorado
  3. few pics

    few pics

    Tall 8 pntr shot with a .44 p.c.r.
  4. few pics

    few pics

    My First and only elk next to my first and biggest deer.
  5. few pics

    few pics

    7 pntr shot with a .44 pistol caliber rifle.
  6. canada 2011

    canada 2011

  7. canada 2011

    canada 2011

    big smallie
  8. canada 2011

    canada 2011

    37" muskie
  9. canada 2011

    canada 2011

    daughters first eye
  10. canada 2011

    canada 2011

    24" 4.5lbs walleye
  11. nice fish

    nice fish

  12. Brown Trout

    Brown Trout

    This is my friend Harold one of my fishing partners. Lake Mich. 12-29-06, Brown trout. Hey gang Scott has got Harold to join the Number one site so when you see name side slapper on the site that is Harold. Harold enjoy the site and thank you for the fishing trips.
  13. Brown Trout

    Brown Trout

    Harold and I made a trip to Lake Mich. on 12-29-06. The weather was between 40 and 50 degrees and the sun was out and man what a beautiful day it way. We had 4 trout on and got 3 to the boat. This Brown Trout was 7 pounds and was 25 1/4" long. Thanks Harold
  14. trophy


    hangs over my door
  15. trophy crappie

    trophy crappie

    a "reel" winner
  16. 9 and 1/4 incher

    9 and 1/4 incher

    yes, i have caught bigger
  17. fish,fish,fish


    yep there's more
  18. more crappies

    more crappies

    we fish, we clean, we life tastes good
  19. boss hogs

    boss hogs

    are there ever enough?
  20. Bigger-than-yours crappie

    Bigger-than-yours crappie

    a big fish