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    Hey guys new here and just wanted to try and get some thoughts on where to fish and how to fish in the cold, tried to fish in mongo for trout but got skunked with flys. Any help would be appreciated. also a friend and i have a blog heres where you can find it. also on facebook. Thanks...
  2. test1


    9lb. 8oz. Walleye 29 inches long caught 3/13/11 at 10:00 pm
  3. What a blast!

    What a blast!

  4. Bow fishing

    Bow fishing

  5. Head shot

    Head shot

    Thats too bad i stuch'em in the head because i bet he would have put up a heck of fight?
  6. fishing boat

    fishing boat

    Here is my 12 foot fishing machine it has caught 100's or should I say 1000's of gills and I only paid $150.00 for my baby. I do not have to worry about payments or man don't scratch up my boat.
  7. the bucket

    the bucket

    gotta be prepared