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  1. Memories of Shroomin...

    Memories of Shroomin...

    Here is what we found in 4 days of hunting. As you can tell by the pic it has been a few years ago. GREAT MEMORIES!!!
  2. Mushrooms


    Found 53 mushrooms and this one had 6 one it. Had a good morning after work.
  3. What it is?

    What it is?

    Hey gang take a look at this and tell Jim and I what this is and can we eat it. HURRY
  4. ready to fry

    ready to fry

  5. Bowl 'o' shrooms 2005

    Bowl 'o' shrooms 2005

    bon apetite
  6. 2005 first shroom

    2005 first shroom

  7. shroomin stick

    shroomin stick