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  1. My sons first buck

    This was my sons first time in the stand. I borrowed a 20ga. shotgun from a friend, cause being 11 years old i didn't figure he shoulda used a 12 ga. He had does and buttons around him and chose to pass them up as his first kill. This buck came in chasing a doe, and before I had the chance to tell
  2. IMG_0530

    I had to get a better rating on one of my pics so I figured I would ad this one for the AWWW factor. My future hunter at 3 admiring my 08 buck.
  3. Nicks_fish102

    With a tube of Mega Strike in one hand and my rod in the other, I hit the farthest southerly open hole about 9:30 pm. Neither weed nor fish was hitting my lure. After a warm up in the car, I ventured out to the fence of Cargill, and fished the second open hole, and worked my way North and look what
1-3 of 3 Results