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  1. Indiana Turkey Hunting
    Hi All, I'm trying to get some info on your experiences with hunting turkey on public. I'm not looking for anyone's spots, just want to try to rule out places that don't have many birds. Are there any places you'd stay away from?
  2. Indiana Turkey Hunting
    Hey all, I'm new to the state (in Bloomington for grad school) and am new to the sport of turkey hunting. I picked it up in Kentucky in the last couple years while I was living there for work. I'm looking for any and all turkey hunting advice on public land in southern IN. Have you all been...
  3. Indiana Turkey Hunting
    I'm a first time hunter looking to fill a turkey tag this coming spring. Ive done a lot of research on where to find birds in the state and I'm thinking about heading to the south central area of indiana, around morgan/monroe and brown county. Has anyone personally had luck there? does anyone...
  4. Indiana Turkey Hunting
    I'm a novice turkey hunter. Not a big game hunter. I have been hunting for about 5 years now. I'm looking to get my first bird. Had a close call a couple of years ago. I would love to work out a deal with anyone who has connections in Northern Indiana. I live in Plymouth, In. Don't mind a drive...
  5. Awesome morning

    My wife is going to get this pic done in a canvas print from the NWTF-should be awesome!!!
  6. 23lb 10 3/4 " 20mm spurs

    Autumn and I
  7. 08 Kentucky Turkey

    4-19-08 25mm, 18lb, 10"
  8. spurs

    39mm and 33mm spurs
  9. 08 Indiana Turkey

    5-10-08 24lb, 39and33mm, 10.5"
  10. 2005 turkey's

    me and a buddy's turkey's
  11. My 03 Bird

    25 lbs 11in 1 1/4 & 1 1/2 in spurs
  12. 04' Gobbler

    27 lbs., 12 inch beard
  13. andyturk

    My baby brothers first bird.
1-13 of 13 Results