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  1. Well on the chat room the other night I ask Quaildancer about have lunch on Thursday. Well today Quaildancer, Bruce a friend of ours and I went to Richards for lunch. Talk about our deer seasons and share are hunts with each other. You know if it was not for this site I would of never made so many new friends that share the same as I do hunting and fishing. Some of gang and I have been out for dinner, lunch and yes James Lyons even cook breakfast for me the day we went on a fishing trip (YES HE FRYED DEER BURGER & EGGS). Quail and I have become fishing partners and many more than I could say. But I would like to here from the rest of the gang on some of the things you and some of the others have done, like meals, meeting, meeting at shows or just plain get together and shooting the bull. The fellowship and tips are super great on this site and that's what makes it the number one site for me. How about you tell some things gang?:grouphug: :grouphug:
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  2. I met up with Brewer a week or so after he killed his monster buck. I had never met the guy and at first I didnt know what to expect. I figured he was eager enough to meet me for lunch and to swap a few stories about hunting that he had to be alright by me. Not only did i meet someone new and probably a good friend for a long time, but it was good to get away from the mundane daily grind to go back to where we all love to be, the woods. We spent about an hour and half shooting the breeze trading deer stories, reinacting shots, and just being loud hillbillies in financial plaza of Chicago. Im sure the suits were all wondering what the hell these two guys were up to, but it didnt matter we were being ourselves enjoying a great pizza and trading stories. Thanks Brewer for an above average lunch. We will do it again but i know this great chop house we can hit up when the weather turns a little nicer.

    I met EDJ over this site also. We havent physically met yet I keep telling him im gonna get him shooting a recurve yet and we are working on plans to start making a few bows once he gets his housing situation settled in and finds a permanent place to live. Probably another great friend ill have for a long time.

    I met a lot of you other fellas at the 3D course over the summer. Dew, tile, allan, smokey, I believe thats it and allans boss. I sucked shooting that day and we lost a few arrows and a few pints of blood to the skeeters and brush that littered that course. It was thick mother in there. Damn near impossible to find shooting lanes in. We had a good time and will find a better course this year to do it on. We have all made some friends and probably some enemies along the way but for the most part its almost like a fraternity around this place. Whether its one at Purdue, Indiana, or Indiana State thats up for debate, but i look forward to meeting more of you guys and hopefully converting some more of you fellas into traditional bow shooters tooo... Tree your next.

  3. So far I have met a psycho on the toll road. Fished all day long with him.. Whats up bubba...:cool: Fished couple times with JL, once here and once there. He showed me some new teritory ..:cool: Stopped and met Rico who was nice enough to offer his pond for some hunting. Thanks again Rico!! :cool: Shaired a duck blind all day long with the famous BREW..Then he goes home and whacks that MONSTER :cool: Dont forget about HuntinIn. "Eric,, HERE COMES ABOUT 20 OF THEM!!!!" Spent a good morning on the Wabash with huntinIn also. Another meeting in the dark.:cool: Met fergie2 at 4 AM in a gas station also. We had another good hunt together. We were able to laugh at some folks who didnt like us shooting ducks. DANG AIR HORNS!!

    Havent met anyone who was stranger than I yet. Yes, we are all a bit wierd:coco:

    I guess I should start using :coco: hunters from now on
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  4. Ive yet to meet any of you in person,but feel like I known some for most of my life due to our equal passion for the outdoors, hunting or fishing. Its great to talk to such a great group of people who you have so much in common with. Anybody ever around the Indy area let me know, when it ices over Ill be more than willing to share some honey holes with any of you.
  5. What am I...chopped liver? :cwm27:
  6. Met a bunch of guys on this site so far, and I agree that not one of 'em's stanger than pigeon. Seriously though, I've spent time fishing with Dean, Pigeon, and 410. I've seen the stupid-big deer mounts that Scarlet Dew has in his barn. Just hunted last night with DEC. Had trdtnl make up some arrows for me. Drank dinner with treehugger, oldrookie, 410, quaildancer, Dean, and Scarlet Dew (any muskies caught on that trip, Randy and Bill?). :tongue: And, I met many more at the deer and turkey expo last year: Scott Werstler, HuntinIN, DaWG, tilesetter, and perhaps someone I'm forgetting...:hide: . Neat to be a part of.
  7. I've only met three so far, but hope to meet more soon.

    Hunted with J.L. last night and shot the bull until we were about frozen.

    I drank a few one night at Bill's watching 410 and Quail pig out on fish and frog legs.

    Hope to hook up with more of you guys in the future.:cool:
  8. Well lets see...

    I've hunted, camped, or fished with oldrookie, tilesetter, and scrapewatcher. I met Brewersville Outfitters for breakfast one morning and we'll do it again soon. I've met JL, Quail Dancer (he even GAVE me a scope for my muzzleloader!), 410, Scott Werstler, Scarlet Dew, Dean Weimer, DaWG of Indy, HuntinIN, dleslie27 (we're gonna' kill some 'yotes this winter!) and seabee. I'll be meeting ccavaccini this weekend, and possibly pigeonflier before the year ends. Hope to get trdtnlbwhntr over here soon on a nice bow range and show him how it's done. I hope I didn't leave anyone out, sorry if I did. Those I've had the fortunate pleasure to hunt/camp/fish with it was a blast! tilesetter and his family invited us up to his place this past summer and our families had a great time together...wouldn't have happened without this site. 'rook, we'll get those Muskies NEXT TIME!!! Great site Steve and greater people! Good post 410.
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  9. Hard to add to this list. Since joining, I've met a good bunch of people on here. We've shared meals, shared stories, landed fish, missed fish, discovered rattletraps don't work. Treehugger and rookie know that my fishing curse powers have no limits. 410's invited me to his church activities (any church that puts on trap shoots is tops in my book). Scott invited not only me, but my wife and kids as well to a family night and fish fry, hitched a wagon for a hay ride, my girls still talk about that night. He took us on a tour of his place, just amazing. An evening talking about QDM, and then Dew showing us what QDM does....speechless. Yes, you will have a little trouble with the outdoor writer types, but this may be the price we pay :evilsmile .

    I've seen some on here lately trying to gaurd honey holes, hold on tight to hunting tactics or secrets, being shy about greeting new members...that is NOT what this site is about. You gain the most when you share the most, and there are some fantastic people here on Indiana Sportsman.
  10. hunters are good people

    Lets see, recently met brew and his monster buck, attended the NRC meeting with rook, brew, and jb. Met a bunch of yall at the expo and Dr. Woods seminar. Watched our Boilers fall to the hosers in BBall last year with Dean (luckily the beer was cold before the game). OH YES, got to hunt with Pigeon, what a blast. I'll never forget motoring up the river in the dark. Pigeon must have uttered "oh chit" about 100 times before we got to the spot because the river had dropped about 4 feet from when he hunted it last! He is not all there, but I neither am I! Good memories. Ready to make some more in January, come on down and kill some geese!!

  11. hey everybody i met the one and only JL.

    There is that better.
  12. A little...thanks. ;)
  13. Have only had the pleasure of meeting Treehugger so far, but looking forward to meeting more of you this year. Already feel like I know some of you, even though we have never met face to face. This site is kinda like having a campfire in your house, everyone can sit around and swap stories, offer up advice, and argue over right and wrong. More importantly, I've found that sometimes if I shut up and listen, I can really learn something. Great site and looking forward to meeting more of you.

  14. well i met randy (tree hugger) last spring for a day of gillin on one of his honey holes and had a blast. especially when he fixed that big shore lunch full of gill fellete's. man what a day. thanks randy. nothin better than fixin and catchin big gill fellets. yeaaaaaaa. mabe someday i'll meet more of you guy's hopefully
  15. I too have had the pleasure of meeting most of those already mentioned. I found this site about this time last year. It has been great to get together and break bread with those we share so much time with in the cyber world.

    I'll keep the story brief; One day I noticed a post by a new menber I was unfamiliar with. Check his profile and email address. Couldnt believe it. Turned out to be a kid (we are now 50+)I have known all my life from old neighborhood and current client. Who would have known 30+ years later we would be hunting deer together.

    Hope to meet more of you in 2007 for more sharing and caring!