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Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Morchella Fella, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. took a couple of people out and killed a few birds ... coulda shot well over 100 woodies, and bout the same number of canadas ... had no less than 30 woodies in fornt of us at a time ... landin and feedin .... and called the canadas in the whole mornin .... just to see if we would see any collars and to keep interest in a newbie .... as i said had a newbie out and a longtime huntin partner .... the newbie was nuthin but smiles the whole time ...well besides when the newbie's rem jammed and we had birds comin in ... had to hand my gun over and work on the rem .... all in all the numbers of woodies and canadas were unreal .... the mallard numbers were lackin but we could have shot more if it werent for me holdin the other 2 off on a big flock of mallards that landed in the dekes after i spotted a sprig in a big flock of mallards up high tryin to get into the hole we were in .... but they both understood as we shoot so many mallards here that it is nice to bag a sprig at any time of the season ... much less this early .... anyhow the birds couldnt get into the whole due to very strong winds and high timber downwind and after 10 or so attempts gave up and bugged out .... and the mallards that had landed in the dekes heard the comotion after i was tryin to find out which two of the people with me was gonna shoot the sprig .... was a great time tho and there was a bit of shootin ... just think that we shoulda had at least a 3 bird limit on canadas this year ... thinkin its only gonna get better .... hope yall are killin birds .... havin fun ... and enjoyin the season .... here is a pic of the take .... the bird on the right is HUGE !!!! .... i found myself with anticipation that i hadnt felt for awhile ... i used to hunt ALOT ... kill 200 or so birds a season ... then didnt get a chance to hunt at all last season (out of town workin all the time) .... its great to be back !!!

  2. Sounds like you had one heck of a day out there!
  3. Nice birds, fella. I'd love to shoot a sprig up here too. We don't see 'em very much.
  4. Pardon my bird ignorance, but what is a sprig??????
  5. I had to look that up too....Pintail
  6. We've been pardoning it for some time now. A sprig can be of cauliflower, broccoli, or your favorite flowers. Some people also call small saplings that they trip over in the woods a sprig. Hope this helps.
  7. Quail's right, a sprig is a pintail...I've only ever seen one around here where I hunt.
  8. Now that's funny right there! :lol:
  9. Rowdy


    Small saplings that I trip over are never called sprigs...they are called @$#% %@$# &%#$@ #%%$ !!!!
  10. thanx ..... sorry for the confusion on the "sprig" .... yes we had a great time and i have only shot one pintail ever this early in the season .... year before last after the pintail season was over we were PACKED with pintails .... was kinda upset i couldnt take advantage of the birds being here as i may shoot one or two during a good season but it was an awesome sight and they are so graceful in flight ... was gratifying just watchin em ... that season i had just came back from arkansas and KNEW the pintail numbers were way up ... saw more pintails in ark than mallards while there ... so the sightings here confirmed my thoughts ... the area we hunted yesterday used to be mallard heaven .... alot of times would limit out on em in the first 10-15 minutes then wait for our "other" ducks .... but like i said in the earlier post ... seems like the woody and canada numbers are way up and mallards are down (in that particular area) but they could have shifted their patterns as there are alot of new ponds/lakes being built in the area we were in .... just gonna have to get out there and scout ... thinkin as soon as the river zone opens we will be shootin the malls, and woodies, along with sum teal in the ole' beaver pond .... would love to hear the input of the other hoosier hunters on their sightings .... as far as numbers of the diff species ..... good luck to all ....and be careful out there
  11. Saw a lot of wigeon and redheads on the 14th.
  12. awesome james .... just guessin but ill take it ya in the great lake region ..... heard the redhead numbers were down .... but prolly wont even be able to tell ya after this season as i have only seen a few here during great seasons ... and they were always mixed with cans ... and shot the cans .... as far as wigeon ... never have shot one here .... always in arkansas .... thinkin i have only seen 2 wigeon for sure here while huntin ... they do use this area for a spring migration headin north tho .... hope ya bagged a few !! and thanx for the info ... appreciate it !
  13. Morchella, I'm in extreme NE IN. We usually see quite a few redheads, bluebills, ringnecks, buffleheads, and other assorted divers later in the season. These are some of the first wigeon I've ever shot. We downed two females, and I downed one male, but the dog couldn't find it. :( We see some cans up here as well, but they're usually concentrated in one area for a short period of time....never shot one of those yet.
  14. Last spring Kingsbury FWA outside Laporte was holding a ton of pintails. I have never seen so many. Only have killed 1 here before. Couldnt believe my eyes last spring.