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100% Free Guided Hunt

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. OK, guys I posted this in my DU banquet thread, but figured a new thread would get more attention.

    This is for ANY I.S. MEMBER.

    Any I.S. member that goes through me to attend the Steuben Co. DU banquet, will get their name thrown in a hat. If drawn you will get a 100% guided goose hunt from me during the 2007 season. All you have to do is show up with license, gun, ammo, and camo. I will provide the blind, decoys, calling, a primo field, hell ... I'll clean the damn things for you, I'll even buy donuts and coffee. I'll lend you a 12 ga. if I have to. Nothing in hunting is guaranteed, but I can tell you that I have access to some of the best hunting grounds in all of Steuben Co. I will do everything in my power to put you on birds.

    The ticket is in the first thread of the DU banquet post. You can pay with credit card and they won't run your card until the night of the banquet. You can email or PM me your info and I'll fill the damn thing out for you. You can print it off an fax it to me. You can mail it to me. Just get it to me.

    You can PM me here.

    Email to me at

    Fax to me at 260-668-7052

    Mail it to me at
    Derek Craig
    2797 Woodhull Dr.
    Angola, IN 46703

    If you've ever wanted to hunt honkers and don't want to invest the money, then take me up on this offer. Your money goes to a great cause. Tons of good stuff at the banquet. A bunch of primo guns.

    The offer is out there. What you do with it is up to you.

  2. Thats a great offer. With all of the great guys on here you should have some takers.

  3. Dec if I with a goose hunter I would jump on this deal. good stuff on the number one site.
  4. Grab Quail or Big 8 and come up to the meeting. Good things there to win for any type of hunter. No one said you had to be a goose hunter. I'll do all the dirty work. All you have to do if you win the hunt is show up with a license. I'll let you borrow a 12 ga.:cool:

    Anyone can be a goose hunter for a day. If you haven't spent some time in a layout blind surrounded by quality dekes with honkers bombing in on you, then you haven't lived.:cool:
  5. I'm starting to think that no one wants to go hunting with me ... :16suspect ... I think I'm starting to get a complex.
  6. I want to hunt with you derek...whats the fur pounder rebate system like? haha
  7. DEC, maybe I missed something, but when is this thing?
    I'd be interested in running up there, maybe.
  8. Mail in $40 payable to DU Steuben Co., make sure you fill out all the proper rebate forms, keep the original UPC, send in your receipt, sign away your first born, sit back and wait for 16 weeks while we write you a letter saying that you forgot to fill out the form EXACTLY right, so we can not rebate your money.:evil:

    How's that?

    $40's is cheap for a membership and a good meal. $5 bottomless cup of beer. No one says you have to spend money on raffles and games ... but we sure hope you do.:biggrin: Hell, the turkey banquet I just attended was $75 for me, a membership, and my wife's meal. Then $8 on the beer (those turkey guys know how to put the screw to you;)). DU is a bargain compared to NWTF, and we have better stuff to give away.:coolgleam