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    Hunted a picked corn field south of Jasper-Pulaski. Saw a good amount of Canadians but was really surprised by the amount of Specks we saw. Had to see 3 different groups of 50-75 birds, which is rare for us. Also saw some random snows flying with Canadians. We had two groups of Canadians land short of our spread then had a flock of specks come right into our faces and we were able to drop 4 of them. That was the first group of specks we’ve ever had come into our spread and they came in hot. Fun times.

    Birds were very weary. They’d circle a field for a while but never commit. They did that to us and other non-hunted fields. Clearly not local birds who dive bomb into the areas they know aren’t hunted. We put some confidence decoys down wind of our spread and that seemed to help.

    Oddly enough though, we only heard one gun shot all morning from the neighboring deer hunters.

    My buddy hunted today and saw even more Canadians, specks, cranes and a good number of snows. Birds are definitely in the area. Hope more are on their way. Good luck
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  2. Nice. Im seeing a lot of snow geese and specks here in Gibson County as well. Must of been 5000 Blues and snow geese in a cut corn field near my deer woods this weekend.

  3. Good looking birds! I’ll be out in the morning!