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11-9 Happy Birthday 410

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by QuailDancer, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Must be true what they say about eating so much fish.
    Bill, take the day off tomorrow and enjoy your birthday!!
  2. Take the day off from what??? Hunting and fishing??? Ha! Happy birthday, Bill!

  3. Happy Birthday Bill!!!!!
  4. Happy birthday man!

    You're about the only guy I've ever met that closely resembles the shrimp guy on Forest Gump.

    Fish gumbo, fish stew, barbecued fish, fried fish, ...

    Have a cold one on me! (Quail will have to buy, cause I left my wallet at the house:biggrin:)
  5. Hey thanks gang, my birthday has started out right. Up early breakfast/coffee and off to the woods and I did see a couple of does and 3 small bucks early today (no shooters) and now I am eating a snack and off to the water to fish for a few hours and then back to the stand. MAN how could a birthday be any better. you may say SEX but as you get older you will see what I mean by just go fishing and hunting. HA!HA! Thanks again gang
  6. Perhaps you could take the wife out in the boat, or the stand......??????:rolleyes:

    Happy Birthday, Tucker!!!!!!
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Happy Birthday....

  8. Happy b-day Tuck. You picked a good day to go fishin!!
  9. happy b-day 410 hope its a great one!!!!!:fish: :fish:
  10. Happy B-day 410....I will remeber this day for a while To.Went on my First Duck Hunt Today
  11. Had a great birthday. and thanks everyone and good luck after those big boss's. Sorry tree had to say that. Hey tree could you put a picture of the boss on here for my b-day. HA!HA!