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12 volt sleep apnea help

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I recently was tested and found out I have sleep apnea. I obtained a 110 volt breathing machine I have to wear at night (I sound like Darth Vader). Does anyone have any experience with using a 12 volt battery and converter to run my machine when camping or staying at my no electric cabin up North?
does a deep cycle battery last all night? a couple of nights?
Before the breathing machine I sometimes had a hard time staying awake to drive home.
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Sorry to hear about your sleep apnea, same here. Tired for years, all I wanted to do is sleep, wife always on my case about being tired [and she is an RN]. Finally started doing research on my own and BINGO. Got the machine and finally starting breathing better, had sinus surgery to correct blocked breathing passages due to broken nose at age six. Apria Healthcare was a pain to work with, over charges, poor customer service, machine quit working about a year ago, wanted $500 to fix it, told them where to go, still sitting in sack broken. Cut to the case, dentist had told me I had a 50 percent overbite several years ago, got me to thinking, took two mouth gurards from WalMart, Super Glued them together, drilled holes in the front for air, followed instructions on how to fit them for my mouth, mainly lining up teeth line. Do not need C-Pap machine now has I finally figured out what was causing my cessation of breathing. When I laid down, my JAW WAS DROPPING BACK [DOWN] and was causing me to snore, and to quit breathing. Cure cost me 2 bucks at Wally World [Super Glue I already had]. No longer snore either. Saw a much better made, and a whole lot better looking product that is designed to stop snoring for $25 at CVS a while back. Believe it to be the same idea. Check to see if your jaw dropping back is what is causing the problem. No batteries, no machine, no electrical cords, no mask, no tubes [PITA to roll over in the middle of the night ain't they?]. Please excuse the long post, hate to see someone suffer if my negative experiences could turn someone elses toward the positive. Rant Mode Out.
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