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12 volt sleep apnea help

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I recently was tested and found out I have sleep apnea. I obtained a 110 volt breathing machine I have to wear at night (I sound like Darth Vader). Does anyone have any experience with using a 12 volt battery and converter to run my machine when camping or staying at my no electric cabin up North?
does a deep cycle battery last all night? a couple of nights?
Before the breathing machine I sometimes had a hard time staying awake to drive home.
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I was tested and diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago.I had to get one of those machines and I hated it.I always felt tangled up,I never got used to it.
They said I stoped breathing all the time while sleeping. Anyway I have lost 100
lbs and don't use that aufull machine any more. They tell me I don't hardly snore anymore eather. Good luck.I hop you get used to that thing.
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