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12ga or 20ga slug guns

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by doublexl, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. I am thinking about buying a 20ga with a rifled barrel.I have always used a 12ga except for my first deer was with a 16ga.I know most of you are shooting a 12 but dose anybody use a 20.Iam hoping for some feedback good or bad.Thanks for your time and info.
  2. I have used a 12ga. my whole life up until last season, now I use a muzzleloader during firearms season. My dad on the other hand has ALWAYS used a 20ga. to deer hunt with. He likes it because there is less kick and he can target shoot with it all afternoon and not have to go to the emergency room, lol. He has never shot a deer with a 20ga. and not recovered it, most of the time they drop in their tracks. With the sabots available today and a rifled slug barrel, 20ga. would be my gauge of choice if I were buying a new shotgun.

  3. MY OPINION,,, 20 gauge will outshoot a 12 everytime.... SLUGS THAT IS
  4. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Here is my opinion,

    last year i bought 2 of the H&R "ultra" slug guns, one in 12 and one in 20 gauge. I to will say that the 20 gauge is more accurate at 100 yards than the 12 but not enough to matter in my book. The 20 is a dream to shoot as you can launch slugs down range all day long and not be sore. Mine shot best with the 3 inch federal barnes expander hp. I have since shot deer with both and have had no problem with the recovery of any deer. With all that being said i still take the 12 gauge over the 20. I hunt very small woods (maybe 7 acres) and if the deer i shot would ever make it to the nieghbors fence they would no doubt not let me retrieve it. So while i am still young and can handle the recoil i like the knockdown power of the 12. I am not saying the 20 doesnt have it but the 12 gauge just has so much more. Just remember if you are using a scope buy a good quality one i use leupold and they have served me well. Hope this helps
  5. i am with bocephus i now use 50 cal muzzle loader .all fire arm have 12 and 20 , 20is lite on shoulder . 12 will give you a bit more range both have dropped many a deer ,i went to muzzle loader for accuracy and range difference between 50yds.75yds and 150 to 200 i have not shot a deer at that range but do paper all the time have to practice just in case.
  6. i too hunt with my 50 cal. knight during the firearms season. If I were going to buy a new gun to deer hunt with I would buy an Encore. Spend a little more money now, but you can't beat it's accuracy or knock down power.
  7. If You Are Physically Able To Shoot The 12ga Without Discomfort Or Flinch, I Say Get The 12ga. It Has More Energy, Distance , And Makes A Bigger Hole. It Will Also Offer A Much Wider Variety Of Types Of Projectiles To Shoot. Maybe Even Worth More Come Resale.

    Granted, Nobody Likes The Recoil Of A 12ga Slug. But Once You Get It Sighted In , You Do Not Need To Shoot It That Much Anyway, Just A Few Shots Befor Season To Check Your Zero. You Never Remember The Recoil Of The Gun When Shooting At Game Anyway. Go With The 12.
  8. If in doubt, I say get one of each. Why should any man limit himself if it can be so easily avoided.
    When in storage the guns will enjoy each others company, and they look so much nicer in pairs. Speaking of, I would also avoid any odd number of guns, for example if you own three a fourth would make a nice even number as again they look better in even pairs.
    I'm convinced this limited thinking of owning one gun that can do it all has been the cause for Winchester's troubles. So once again, buy in pairs, and buy American, your country will thank you for it.
  9. 12 ga vs. 20 ga

    I have always shot a 12 ga. My son started shooting a 20 ga. when he was 10. He never had an issue with the kick. He has killed two deer with the 20 ga. Nice entrance and exit wounds. The deer didn't go far. We have since moved to 50 cal. muzzleloaders and absolutely love shooting those guns. I shoot a Remington 700ML and my son shoots a Knight. I would say it is shooter's choice when thinking about those two weapons.

  10. Thanks for all the replies I already have a 12ga with a rifled barrel and a good inline muzzleloader so I think I will go get a 20ga and try it out.If anything it will be waitin for my boy when their ready for it.