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150 dead deer, 11 convicted in poaching

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by psychobubba, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. 150 dead deer, 11 convicted in poaching cases

    By Mike Moore Editor

    "Xenia, Ohio — On the eve of another deer hunting season, wildlife officers and investigators in southwest Ohio made one of the state’s biggest poaching arrests in history.

    In all, 11 people were charged from a year-long investigation in two separate cases that involved the illegal shooting of 150 deer and other animals, according to the DNR Division of Wildlife.

    Investigators dubbed the two cases, which began through tips from citizens, “Operation Tenderloin” and “Operation Velvet.”

    “As far as the numbers of deer, it’s the largest in District 5 (southwest Ohio) and quite possibly the largest in the history of the state,” said Tim Schlater, a DNR wildlife field supervisor in Xenia, Ohio. “Both of them were initiated by citizen complaints, but obviously they snowballed into something even bigger than we could have imagined.”

    The one thing that ties the cases together, wildlife investigators say, is blood sport. There is no evidence that the perpetrators prospered financially from their crimes, said Schlater. The illegal deer killings took place for venison tenderloins in one case and velvet antlers in the other.

    “In both cases, we did not find any evidence where meat or antlers were being sold for profit,” the wildlife investigator said. “They were strictly killing for bragging rights or personal trophies. In Operation Tenderloin, they were killing for the meat.”

    Many of the deer, wildlife officials say, were shot at night with the perpetrators using spotlights and rifles. In Operation Velvet, the deer where shot during the summer while the bucks were still wearing velvet on their antlers. Ducks were killed with rifles in the spring so they would still be adorned in their breeding plumage. Wild turkeys were killed over bait during the closed season.

    The poaching crimes took place in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, and Brown counties in southwest Ohio as well as in Indiana, and were investigated by 20 agents from the Division of Wildlife.

    “Poaching Ohio’s wildlife takes wildlife away from honest people, creates a dangerous situation, and is against the ethics of hunting,” said David Brown, DNR wildlife law enforcement supervisor in Xenia."

    thats a real shame. 150 thats insane! good thing they caught em [​IMG]
  2. We just had something similar in po-dunk Dubois co. within the past 3 years, the CO's caught the three kids (approx 17-18 years old), but they had VIDEO TAPED THEMSELVES shooting all these animals, during the day, during the night, etc. A couple of the kids worked a fairly big sized business's in Jasper and was selling meat to some of the employees.

    Judge gave them a slap on the wrist!!:bash:

  3. I say put them in front of a jury filled with ethical hunters and outdoorsmen. Let them decide their fate.... Thats about as full circle as it could possibly get.
  5. Rowdy


    We find you guilty of all 150 counts of murder...We hearby order you to be hung by the neck until you are dead.
  6. hanging its too painless. a broken neck and you are done. I say we do some old indian justic to them. Stake them to an ant hill cut their eye lids off and pour honey on them. Or stake them out in the sun with wet leather tightly wrapped around them. They should get the equivalent of what they did. I have no respect for anyone who doesnt treat the animals we hunt with the same respect they would treat their pets. Thats my .02 cents.
  7. Couldn't have said it any better, what a shame. :mad: :mad:
  8. 11 more days until "operation tenderloin" down here in corydon.i,m ready to get my hunt on.
  9. What a shame:mad: Well they will get whats coming to them and hopefully they will rat out other that are doing it:)