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16' Deer Ladder Stands

Discussion in 'Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods' started by Hunt M Up, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. 16’ Ladder Treestands

    Ol’ Timer Deluxe 16’ ladder treestands. Have a total of 5 identical ladder stands. They are 16’ to the seat. The seating area is very comfortable and big enough for a large man wearing heavy clothing to have plenty of room. The seats are adjustable netting allowing you to sit or stand comfortably. The stands have two tree stabilizer bars, ratchet straps for the top of the stand and stabilizer bars, tie down ropes, arm rests, gun rests, and foot rests. The way the gun rests and arm rests are designed you can easily add or remove them for either gun or archery hunting. The standing platform is 17.5” X 14”. The stands are constructed of round steel tube and weigh 59 pounds each, are rated for 400 pounds each, and painted flat autumn green. I have had many stands over the years and settled on these because they are comfortable, super stable, and store very compactly. I have all five of these stands stacked in a 2’ X 4’ area about 3’ tall. I also have three 10’ sections of proof coil chain (can’t be cut with a hand saw) and three top of the line master locks that have the guards so they can not be cut. Two of these stands are brand new and never been in the field. I paid a little over $200.00 for each of the stands, $50.00 for each of the locks and chains, plus about $15.00 for the ratchet straps and ropes for each stand. All together I have over $1200.00 in all of this. I am willing to sell each stand for $150.00 or $600.00 for all five together. The stands must be picked up. I can not ship them. They are located in Lombard, IL a suburb of Chicago. Please contact me at for more information. Thank you. - See More Here: