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1st post.....hope I don't screw up

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Scarlet Dew, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Been reading this Forum for about 30 days and seems like a good group to join. With the OBR, Youth Hunt, Possible State/World Record, and other good topics on the table.......couldn't think of a better time to join and hopefully contribute.

    Pretty much into Whitetails and have absolutely loved the OBR up in my neck of the woods in Kosciusko County. Has led to bucks of 140 1/8, 151 1/8, and 151 3/8's (Green Gross Score) the last 3 of 4 years with OBR in place with the bow......and we just keep getting more bucks/variety of age class, every year showing up on the trail timer cameras at the end of the season.

    Anywhooooooo........glad to be a part of this developing web community.:coolgleam
  2. Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will be fine.


  3. Great to have you with us! Sounds like some great bucks!
  4. Kosci-yes-ko!!

    Scarlet Dew, What part do you hunt in?? A great county; I used to go into Albertson's and drool over all of the pictures of bigguns>
  5. I actually reside/hunt in Kosciusko County but also hunt farms located in Whitley, Wabash, and Noble county. The "part(s) I hunt in" has recently become the places where my trail timer cameras tell me to go.;) And now after OBR has been in place.... it just gets tougher to decide if I'm after the "Biggun".
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  6. Good to have a neighbor on the site. Live in northern Whitley County on Crooked Lake. You oughtta fit right in!
  7. Can't we just be friends??

    Scarlet, I'm only asking for a few GPS coordinates, O.K.?? Geeez, it's like you think I'm trying to move in on you. Come on Scarlet, help a brother out. Now give me those coordinates Mister!!!!!:chicken:
  8. I've been to Whitley County more than I've expected the last few years (Sutton's Taxidermy). From the looks of your photos in your've been to the taxidermist lately too it looks like. Nice Buck!! :coolgleam
  9. All GPS coordinates lead to my living room which is where I ask my wife if I can hunt. If the answer is "yes" you better be ready to follow me.........If the answer is "no" ......all GPS coordinates lead to the pursuit of the "yes". :biggrin:

    Just keep your truck parked outside ready to roll. :biggrin:

    Thank GOD it's "yes" more than "no". Love those Wife Units!! :)
  10. Door No. 2

    What if it's cold out in the truck? Can I come in the house...too???:hide:
  11. I also have to request the permission of my all powerful, all knowing better half. It's a good thing there is no ice or I'd be in trouble tonight for sure.
  12. That, my "new web friend" would be a .............. "nope". :biggrin:
  13. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Welcome to the site...enjoy all the posts.
  14. What's up Scarlet??? That was good stuff last night. I can tell you're a joker. Kinda like some other people on this site. Uhh eehmm!!!!!:rolleyes:
  15. Good sense of's a "must have" trait I've found. ;)