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2 hr delays

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by goggleye57, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    We be to put up a work bench in the garage I bought last week....

    If any of you knew me and how clumsy I am, a work bench for me is almost laughable.
  2. You teachers...

    Real men tool to work at 30 mph fighting snow drifts!

    Have any openings at the school?
  3. The only school in NE Indiana to NOT have a delay...:rant: Enjoy your delays and cancellations, gentlemen.
  4. We all have to put in our 180 days with students! :cheeky-sm :)
  5. Yeah, but today counts as a day for you, and it's two hours shorter than mine. I think I'd rather be ice fishing anyway...
  6. What's the weather problem up there? It's -8 down here this morning and everything is going like clock work.
  7. Quite a bit of snow fell here last night...roads aren't in real good shape.
  8. 10-4, you all be safe up there. I need that auger now JL!!!
  9. I'd rather fish too! My wife is the receptionist at our school and she has to be here at 7:00 no matter what, delay or closing. I get to catch up on paperwork- working today on the AP audit.:banghead3
  10. No problem, our clock is just running slow.
  11. Fun times. Next year will be the first year we offer AP English, so I have to design and submit curriculum for the course by June. I probably ought to get started on that...
  12. wawasee super is getting slammed...they went without anything...wicked over there i guess...
  13. Hey J.L., the Super is my neighbor. I could put in a word to Paul for you if you want me to about not delaying school.:evil:

    Just trying to help a fellow out.:evilsmile