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2 More Quail Today

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by DDragon47, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Hit Willow Slough today got 2 more quail and seen a hen pheasant :biggrin:
    Not to bad of a way to end the season:)

    4 Phaesants
    6 Quail
    In a 3 day total for the season not to bad. I had to work to many saturday this year.:(
  2. 5 covies

    We walked ,with no dogs, just me and my buddy in white county for 2.5 hrs this morning and jumped 5 different covies of quail, 2 cock pheasant ,and 3 coyotes.And only shot 2 quail, pittiful, but we were shooting 4 shot,so I dont think that helped out on the quail much.It was a good morning for hunting they seemed to hold tight,and with the snow you could really see them well.Just need to shoot more clay pigeons early!:banghead3

  3. Last sunday we had the same thing we were shooting #5

    Today i use #8 with two #5 behind it.

    We don't have a dog this year just my 13yr dauther and I walking around.
  4. Does she point of flush?
    Wife would tan my hide if I made the kids do that.
  5. She mostly make noise and the birds fly up and i shoot them it work out but i need to replace my old dog. ;)