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2005 season results

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by ice dude, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Record 2005 spring wild turkey harvest

    Indiana wildlife biologist Steve Backs has tabulated check station reports
    from this spring's wild turkey hunting season and found hunters harvested
    11,159 wild turkeys in 82 of the 88 counties open to hunting compared to
    10,765 birds harvested in 2004. This four-percent increase over 2004 was a
    new high for turkey harvests.

    Counties with the highest wild turkey harvests were:

    Switzerland - 478
    Perry - 445
    Jefferson - 415
    Harrison - 406
    Parke - 376
    Orange - 373
    Dearborn - 368
    Warrick - 356
    Greene - 352
    Franklin - 347
    Crawford - 329

    The majority of the birds were harvested in the earlier part of the season
    and during the morning hours. About 70 percent of birds were taken by 10
    a.m. and 79 percent were taken by noon.

    Approximately 57 percent of the wild turkeys were taken during the first
    five days of the season and 37 percent of turkeys were harvested on
    weekends. Juvenile male gobblers, commonly called jakes, made up 33 percent
    of the harvest, while 44 percent of birds were 2-years-old and 23 percent
    were 3-years-old or older.

    The proportion of jakes in the harvest was higher than the mean average of
    the previous ten turkey season harvests.

    Backs speculated that the 4 percent increase in turkey harvests reflects
    high turkey poult production during the 2004 summer brood season, and the
    continued increases in both the turkey population and turkey hunter numbers.
    Backs estimated 49,684 turkey hunters took to the woods in spring 1995, and
    he estimates 22 percent of the turkey hunters bagged a Hoosier turkey.

    The spring 2005 turkey season ran April 27 to May 15. Next year's spring
    season runs April 26 to May 14.

    Summary of Indiana's wild turkey hunting seasons, 1970-2004:

    Turkey hunting safety tips:
  2. when are they going to announce what counties are available for the fall season??

  3. I thought they already did...? Isn't it in the regs book ?