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2006 Black Powder Buck

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BOWHUNTER47408, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Thought You Guys Would Like To See My Father-in Laws Nice 11 Pointer He Took On Monday (12-11-06) With Black Powder. This Buck Had Been Shot Twice By Someone Else, But It Did'nt Seem To Slow Him Down Any(once In The Top Of The Neck And Once In The Butt). He Came In At +/- 8 Am Grunting His Head Off, Must Have Been A Hot Doe Come Through Before He Got Set Up. Field Dressed @ 165lbs.(must Have Lost Alot Of Weight During The Rut, He Was A Big Deer). He Was Seen During Bow Season, But Could'nt Get A Shot.
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  2. Congrats to your father in law!

    Great late season deer.

  3. I like how the brow tines spread-apart rather than go straight up...pretty cool. It is amazing what these animals can endure and still keep going.
  4. father-in-law got a nice buck...awesome character with those brows!
  5. Sweet deer.

  6. Great deer. I like the angle of the photo...looks like you are slightly above him.
    With the hits that deer took, I guess when we lose a deer we will have a little more faith that it survived. Of course, that also shows the importance of good shot placement.
  7. congrats on the deer,what a beauty
  8. Real nice one, congratulations to your father-in-law.

    Great that you and your father-in-law hunt together, son-in-laws should always invite their father-in-laws along for the hunt.:bouncy:
  9. Tell your father and law congrates. That is an awsome buck. Love those brow tines.
  10. Nice buck, and long brow tines too! Congrats