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2006 Buck Bag Limits

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Daddy-O, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know if the harvest limit of one Buck per season is going to change. I have harvested bigger bucks with this regulation in place and also see many more bucks during the season. DO YOU LIKE THE REGULATION OR WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IT CHANGED BACK TO TWO BUCKS PER SEASON?
  2. Daddy-O...if you search on this site you'll find we've had some heated debates on this subject. Most comments have been in favor of keeping the "one buck rule". Search for posts with subject of OBR and you'll see what I mean. I agree with you...bigger bucks, more bucks, keep it going.


  3. Welcome Daddy-O, we're in the process of going to "war" over this issue because our deer biologist, Dr. Jim Mitchell, isn't, hasn't, and never will be for the One-Buck Rule, and/or "Qaulity" Buck management. The reason this is only a trial is that the DNR wasn't in favor of it in the first place. The rhetoric from day 1 has been nothing but negative. At first they said the OBR isn't having any effect on the age structure of the bucks in our state. Now they say it has, but it started before the OBR. Since the mid-nineties herd reduction effort, the herd was said to be stabilized, but now it's supposedly growing. They don't census the statewide herd so we don't really know for sure exactly how many (or even a ball park figure) deer are out there. The Whitetail Program in this state is ready to do away with the OBR. Only the citizens of the state will decide.
  4. It appears to me that Dr. Mitchell and the DNR must have what I would call SELECTIVE CENSUS INFORMATION,or there would be no grounds for special hunts on State Property. In other words they use the info they have to benefit what they want. It is my oppinion that the OBR has helped the buck population in the areas that I hunt.
  5. O

    No doubt about it. It all started with the opening up of the doe system, now the OBR has taken it to the next level. There are so many Boone and Crockett bucks being harvested now it is unbelievable. I honestly do not know of one person who doesn't like the OBR. I really don't!!!
  6. Oh sure you do, Dean.
  7. I think we could go to a two buck system if the gun season was in december and only maybe two weekends long for a total of 6-7 days. But under the current guidelines going to two bucks now would only defeat what we have been doing the last four years. I am a fan of the OBR it has limited those that otherwise dont have the personal ability to do so. In return leaving deer to grow in size and in numbers. Now that I said numbers i bet we get a boat load of graphs and statistics on this thread. Sorry guys.
  8. You guys should see this discussion in, your sister/brother site to the north. I'm a moderator in the Whitetail Forums and the posts get into "oh my!".........;) It seems that a majority of members in MS favor the OBR, but there are some very focal and somewhat knowledgeable hunters who vehimently disagree.

    With your OBR (oh no! another acronym!!!..:tongue:) is that one buck for all seasons meaning bow and firearm or is it one buck with a bow and one with a firearm?
  9. One buck per season...period.
  10. Dnr..........

    I think you will find a new "spirit" in IDNR, Jim Mitchell will never change his opinion, but he is paid to manage the way we want. He may not like it but he will do it.

    I was invited to a panel discussion last year with Dr Mitchell, I was prepared with numbers and what we all are hearing in the field concerning the OBR. The Outdoor Writers Association asked Mitchell to speak first.........

    His words were..... if we continue on the path trying to grow older age bucks we will become a lease State like Kansas. He woyuld not nor would he allow any discussion about what is happening. IT was all about your ground was going to be leased if we grew mature bucks.

    Finally I said......... Leasing was here before the OBR, what do you attribute that to?

    His assistant reported at a meeting last year they were seeing a change in age structure, they just couldn't attribute to anything.

    One deer biologist.......
  11. The OBR is here to stay.

    It will (in time) bring about MANY positive changes for the Indiana deer hunter. There is more to the story than JUST ANTLERS!!!!!!!
  12. I liked the 1 buck bow, 1 buck gun.But I would really like to be able to take 2 with bow!With deer tags,processing(unless you do it yourself)camos, gas,etc. It is maybe cheaper to by beef!!!??But not as fun!Whatever the hunting regulations are here next year or the following years there after for our bag limits we all will have to follow.

    Is it a pride issue to take a big trophy buck, or the fact that many of us have been hunting for several years now.And get tired of looking at the basket racks under our work benches in the garage!?I think many of us get to see some really nice bucks, and during bow season pass up a lot of decent bucks in hope of a much nicer one!?Its hunting though and I enjoy every minute of it!I feel it a privilage to be able to hunt in Indiana, and glad not to have to lease anything YET!
    My 2 cents worth and thats about worth a pinch of salt.There is a lot of opinions on hunting regulations of bag limits,guns,bows, broadheads etc. I never would have guessed us hunters in general would have such dissageements between us!My hats off to all the moderaters and Steve who put this site on to make it work.Thank you, it takes my mind off of work and opens my eyes up to all the hunting and fishing information we have in Indiana.
  13. Look at from the farmers eyes

    I hunt a very special place in my county. Other hunters would cut off their own tecticles for the rights to hunt it. My concern is they (farmers) want as many of the deer harvested as possible. Crop distruction was very evident. My hunting partner is a rack hunter and lets alot of small bucks and does walk waitng for mister big. Between my partner, My son and I we took 3 bucks and four does but the deer herd still is rather large. I know it is a double edged sword shoot all the deer none left for next year but the farming community doesn't see it that way. I heard that Iowa has implemented a late doe season only with firearms.
    Maybe the DNR should look at something like this. You know they would be interested if we had to buy more deer tags.

    keep your powder dry
  14. It made alot of since under our deer license structure

    No, not "maybe" IS cheaper to buy beef. There ain't all that many folks out there that hunt for "survival"......for the overwhelming majority it is a "hobby".....some folks get so obsessed with their hobbies, they turn them into JOBS!

    Under the work bench???????.......Heck I mount my basket racks on those wood plaques you get at Wal-Mart....but I don't use the plastic/velvet things.

    In 22+ years of deer hunting I have killed some really small deer....and I still do! My hunting skills are so poor, I am lucky to even see deer......let alone shoot one. I hunt high pressure areas and hope the guy on the next ridge runs me SOMETHING......anything.....I just like to hunt!

    You hit the nail on the head there!....LOTS of folks think that they are competing with other hunters. You see all these contests and record books and all the hunters attempting to get their name to the top of the list, or collect the prize for the biggest buck....and many of these hunters are driving the changes we see today.

    To me......."a healthy herd" is one that is free of diesese and reproduces at normal rates......PERIOD!.....The health of the deer herd should NOT be judged by the size of the antlers in it!

    The ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR has tons to do with all of this.....face it!

    The "more" hunters that get their name in a record book.....the *MORE* BOOKS that trophy organization will sell. ANTLERS mean $$dollars$$ days some folks ACTUALLY GET PAID TO WRITE ABOUT THEM.

    If you were fortunate enough to get some land deeded to you or smart enough to find a way to purchase a large track, when it was affordable......BIG ANTLERS will allow that land to produce REVENUE for you......300-400 acre in PIKE COUNTY ILLIONIS would provide a handsome income for someone who "knows deer hunting".

    Whats happened here is a DEMAND has been created, and continues to be. It could be a good thing or bad thing.....depending on how much personal value you put into antlers!

    I agree!
  15. One force that we often forget about that is pushing the DNR to certain decisions is farming and insurance interests. There are some state legislators who would like to take off all limits on deer hunting and place them under the same rules as common rats, killed at any opportunity year round. :coco: