2006 Buck Mount...

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  1. I got my mount back from the taxidermist this week. It was done by a buddy of mine, Vance Bell. He owns Buck Creek Taxidermy Studio.

    6122 North Buck Creek Pike
    Mooreland, IN 47360-9534
    Cell - (765) 278-2567

    For you antler fanatics... it unofficially scores 107.




  2. fullrut

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    Nice looking deer. Looks like a really good mount. Congratulations!

  3. Nice lookin' mount. He did a nice job!
  4. Damn fine mount...very impressive, good deer
  5. Indeed a nice mount. I too had this years mount done by the same guy. Did a great job. (post pics when I get to work)
  6. Nice looking mount.
  7. Nice job.:coolgleam
  8. that is a sharp looking mount...
    seems like we saw a decent turkey hangin on that fence once upon a time didn't we?!? Nice looking buck
  9. Good looking mount. Great craftmanship. Congrats.
  10. Congrats on the deer and nice mount Hunter47331
  11. Great job on the deer. Pretty symetracial rack.
  12. that is a great mount! i'm a sticker on great taxidermy work, and that is a good one. what did you pay?