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2006 Bucks???

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Just curious as to what kind of bucks you whitetail whackos are anticipating for the 2006 deer season. What did you see in 2005 that you think will make you pop the release or pull the trigger in 2006? Or maybe you haven't even laid eyeballs on him yet but you know he's there by the signs he's left on the big cedar rubbing posts...he's watching you and knowing your every move...and you are waiting on him to make a mistake...

    I know of a nice little typical 8 pointer that was being mentored by the buck I "harvested" in 2005. The 8 pointer was shadowing him when I "harvested" him and they were in pursuit of a doe that I also "harvested". I think he's still around and could have potential for 2006 but I'm thinking he may need another year to get to "big boy" status. The one I'm really excited about is the one I haven't seen yet...but I've seen his "calling card", I think he's another dandy and I will hopefully get game cam pics of him prior to deer season.

    Let's hear what you've got out there!!!

  2. I saw a big 5 X 5 last year on the opening evening of bow at my primary spot...fifty yards away. Dangit! My buddy saw him again on the opening morning of shotgun. If he's still out there, he'll be a monster. I also saw a big 5 X 5 at my secondary spot while bowhunting...again at 50 yards. My in-laws have been watching him out there back window for the last two weeks. I just put my cam out there Monday to see if I can get a shot of him. I'll post it when/if I do. I'm already excited about next year!

  3. HOPING TO GET BOWWINKLE THIS YEAR.From the southern part of state.........SOUTH HOME OF MOSTER BUCKS............
  4. I had a very very disappointing 2005 for buck sightings. I hope to cross paths with either the nice 15" wide tall tined 9 pointer I passed 3 times in 2004, or the 20+" wide heavy beamed 8 pointer I couldn't get a shot at the day after Thanksgiving in 2004. As far as I know they are both still alive.
  5. Well I was out this morning and I know there is still a nice 12 and a 8 pointer here. I have passed them up for 2 years and next year I hope to see one of them in my crosshair. I would say they are between 125 to 140(maybe). The larger 8 point that I seen in 2005 was about 200 to 250 years away and the wind was blowing hard. This morning they were 35 to 50 yards out from my stand will a bunch of does. WOW it is so nice NOT to live in town but to be able to go out or just watch out you window. Now I know they are still there. AMEN
  6. big 8 point

    I would like to get the 140" 8pt. that foiled my best efforts on three different occasions last year (two times in bow season). I think he will be 5.5yrs old next season and who knows, maybe close to B+C. Problem is, he was one intelligent dude last year and will be another season smarter (better get him on the first day of bow season!).

  7. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Well going into this season i knew i would only have a few days to hunt because i am building a log home. So as the bow season was ending i took a very nice 6 point that i had past earlier in the year. His inside spread was 16 inches but he had no brow tines, not even a bump(looked funny). Well i didnt even go out during the gun season because i was to busy. Then muzzleloader season came in and with it the big snow. On the day the storm was aproaching i new it would be a perfect time to catch a doe trying to get her last meal for a few days. I was in the stand 10 minutes when a fat doe came from behind me, but by the time i got turned around she had made it past me. Then i look behind her to see if anymore were coming and this giant buck had his nose in the ground trailing her every move. he is 10 yards from me and i am looking at him through my scope. perfect 14 pointer. i dont know what he scored and i have never chased a certain buck from one year to the other but i will tell you i am making it personal to get him next year. I still cant believe he was hounding a doe that late in december. So yes i have my eyes on one that i think will make it to next season, and if he does he will be a true giant. Thanks for listening!
  8. good luck seabee

    More often than not, during that second rut is when you will see giants like a big mature 14 point. They run out of does and rule the roost in the second rut, generally around the first two weeks of ml. That time period, along with the last day of firearms, is when I've seen true giants out in daylight. Good luck hunting him.

  9. I recieved a pretty excited phone call from a good friend that has access to some beautiful land in southern indiana ( thats all the more specific im getting on the location sorry fellas). He was out taking stands down and looking for sheds a couple of weeks ago.. Anywho he saw three bucks all together that still had their antlers. He said that the smalles one was probably 150-155 and the biggest one was a booner for sure. When this guy talks about the size of deer you better listen. He has probably a dozen deer on the wall with the smallest around 140 and the largest is 167 3/8 (which he shot at 9 yards with a recurve). All with traditional equipment. Thats not too mention the countless others that he has had mounted and donated to stores to hang on their walls. He is a taxidermist and sees big deer all year round. so needless to say i have prayed every night for the last three weeks that we just skip summer (starting right after turkey season) and go straight to Oct. 1 bring on the booners baby.... Realistically i would like to shoot something in the 140's and i know there are deer there that are that big now and there are up and comers that will be that next season. So come on Oct. 1
  10. i know for a fact i have several p&y's in my erea. but i have a deep seeded anger for a white horned 8 point that took my breath more than once. he should be a 140 this yr. don't you just hate saplings. i also have a deep hatred for a huge doe that makes it her mission in life to check every treetop in the woods before she takes a step. i hope someone killed her in gun season.
  11. It's good to know I'm in a fraternity of whitetail madmen!!! I told my wife I wasn't the only one like that and she didn't believe me. :bonk:
  12. I too have an evil goast of a buck that haunts my time in the field, haunts my dreams, scars my emotions and body, and can not wait until the day he finally makes a mistake, instead of always capitalizing on my mistakes and trotting off with that evil snicker, flipping his tail high into the air (whitetail verison of flippin' the bird). I've been after Lucky (now we only mention him as The Deer Who Shall Not Be Named) for the last two seasons, and I pray next season is his last on the hoof!

    hey you guys in the white coats, get away from me....i don't want that kind of jacket....get away....
  13. My sister-in-law had 5 B&C's 20 yards behind her house [conecting where i hunt]in late october,but i sat all day for 11 days in gun season before i saw just 1 ,got him ,but where those others went i wish i knew,but gives hope for next year if i can keep my only huntin' grounds.
  14. sounds like obr is working

    With all the chatter of unharvested dig deer the plan must be working. My partner passed on eight bucks that did not meet his standards and finally took a 120 class deer on last day of muzzleloader season. I killed a broken rack eight that was just as wide as the 120 class deer. The farm we hunt gets little pressure but the highway has taken two bucks that would have been in the 150 class! We have good genetics and will continue to harvest the herd to maintain the balance. P.S. nice post tree
  15. I shot a buck that netted 148 1/8" during this past shotgun season on a new farm I'm hunting. I went back and scouted it during the last good snow, and found the largest set of deer tracks I've ever laid eyes on. They were as wide as they were long, and came pretty close to the tree that I killed my buck out of. I'm just assuming that his rack will match his body size. :biggrin: