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2006 Deer Harvest Report...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. "The early archery season harvest of 25,962 deer comprised 21% of the total harvest and was 14 % greater than the 22,844 harvested in 2005...The combined archery seasons yielded 27,418 deer, an increase of 13% from the 24,210 harvested in 2005.

    The firearms season harvest of 80,661 deer, which was 5% less than the 84,664 deer harvested in 2005 and comprised 64% of the total harvest...antlered harvest (36,095) decreased 10% from last year's total of 40,104."

    Interesting, because if you ask OBR opponents, they will tell you that the buck harvest is only "transferred" from archery hunters to shotgun hunters...more holes in the arguments against OBR.
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  2. From a previous post....

    FWCC 1/20/07 report from Dr Mitchell.....

    "Forty check stations checked approx. 4,500 deer, of which 3,000 were antlered bucks. 46% of the antlered bucks were 1 1/2 years olds as compared to 50% the two prior years. Dr. Mitchell says this is evidence of an older age structure."

    This is down from two years at 50%! and over 10% in just five years of the much for being "stagnant".
  3. From a previous post....

    Add this to the information from 2006 season

    2006 Deer season results.........
    I attended the seminar at the IBA annual meeting where Dr Mitchell gave the first results of the 2006 season. You folks get the scoop first! DEC feel free to inform the Kool Aid drinkers.........;)

    Good news..................

    Harvest as far as total numbers same as 2205 125,000+

    Archery season increased harvest 14%...........from 2005

    Archery harvest of bucks +5%

    Archery doe harvest +9%

    Firearm season -5%

    Antlerred harvest -10%

    Antlerless harvest same as 2005

    Deer herd is trending downward to lower population

    Antlered age data indicates an older gae structure in male deer

    2% of deer were harvested by non residents

    1 1/2 year old bucks............46% of male harvest
    2 1/2+year old bucks...........54% of male harvest

    Dr Mitchell said this was a SIGNIFIGANT drop

    50% of deer hunters hunted archery seasons.......... tell that to the Kool Aid drinkers! Archery hunters are not waiting for gun season.......

    Archery deer: bucks 20% of harvest..... antlerless 25% of harvest!


    Ehd in 22 counties..........

    5 county area around Parke county -25% in deer harvest from 2005

    Clay county the worst at -35% compared to 2005

    All numbers soon to be posted on the IDNR got it first here.

    Here are some more of Dr Mitchells comments......

    Our deer check system while slow is more accurate than Tele Check and some States are having difficulties with Tele chek...... NO plan to go to Tele Chek

    OBR appears to be a go for next five years, no plan now and maybe ever to return for a "test " of two bucks to confirm OBR.

    Leasing continues to grow in Indiana, and will as Indiana is recognized as a big buck state.

    Pistol cartridge rifles are controversial and no decision is made and he has no confidence level either way on decision.

    CWD will get to Indiana as well as Maine to Florida to Texas..... learn to live and hunt with it.

    Severe EHD out breaks have been on a 10 year cycle for previous 20 years and are a concern.......Indiana deer do not have a chance to build anti bodies.

    Here is a quote of Dr Mitchell..............

    "We are certain if not for EHD in 22 counties we would have had a record deer harvest, not a record antlered buck harvest but an overall deer harvest."
  4. James,

    Do you think there is an outside chance that the late start of the gun season (almost post rut) and the EXTRA week of early bow season might have had something to do with "transferring" some of that kill back?

    One more week on early bow season is a 20% gain in time and opportunity to kill more deer and we had a 14% gain in kill in early bow season.

  5. That statement "leasing will increase as Indiana is recognized as a big buck state" is a bunch of bull. Ohio and Illinois are big buck states that have the season structure to promote more leasing. Who does he think he is kidding? That comment is laughable, at best.
  6. Good luck finding a spot in Illinois to hunt without reaching in your pocket.

    20,000 NR bow tags go like hotcakes in a matter of a few days.

    The recent "big bucks" taken in Ohio have started a rush for that state too.

    It's a fact of life that outfitters and NR deer hunters will go to a state where there are big bucks. $$$$
  7. Go tell that to Bud Fields...........he thinks what you've just typed is a recipe for "States that took fun out of hunting" and "States that have anti-hunting type regs"
  8. That is possible Whacker................and the only way to know is if they broke out that last week of bow in #'s of kill. Who would do that for us so we know for sure?
  9. Hmmm? No.
  10. No, what?

    The last week of early bowseason is the busiest one of all for bowhunters. Many plan their vacations around the timing of it and the rut.

    Deer ARE on the move that week.

    Regardless there is an extra week to kill more deer.
  11. Ok, Whacker...I've thought about it, and I'll admit that there is a chance that what you have written might be the case, but I'll only admit that if you admit that the OBR is at least partially responsible for the increase in HRBP entries over the last four years. Deal?
  12. And Regardless..............we need to know the exact # of deer that were shot that week ...........otherwise we just have assumptions.
  13. The numbers look great, but for me, it is only about a third of the story. Without any sort of a herd census, it becomes very difficult to really put these numbers into any sort of good frame of reference.

    Not that the DNR will invest the time and money into a census, but doing so would answer alot of questions about the state of deer management in Indiana, and the overall herd affect from the OBR. Harvest numbers, combined with census numbers, over a 2-4 year period, would IMHO, end the OBR discussion for good.
  14. Glad you thought about it.

    ??? I don't think you have ever seen me post otherwise.

    I think that we have more and bigger bucks now than at anytime in the Indiana deer history. PART of that reason is the OBR, but I don't think it is the major reason.

    Neither one of us can prove or disprove either side on that one, can we?

    But, I have to ask. You make your decisions and admit them on the basis of what others say?


    Surely you jest? Any extension of time in the prime rut will produce more kills.