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2006 Deer season results.........

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. I attended the seminar at the IBA annual meeting where Dr Mitchell gave the first results of the 2006 season. You folks get the scoop first! DEC feel free to inform the Kool Aid drinkers.........;)

    Good news..................

    Harvest as far as total numbers same as 2205 125,000+

    Archery season increased harvest 14%...........from 2005

    Archery harvest of bucks +5%

    Archery doe harvest +9%

    Firearm season -5%

    Antlerred harvest -10%

    Antlerless harvest same as 2005

    Deer herd is trending downward to lower population

    Antlered age data indicates an older gae structure in male deer

    2% of deer were harvested by non residents

    1 1/2 year old bucks............46% of male harvest
    2 1/2+year old bucks...........54% of male harvest

    Dr Mitchell said this was a SIGNIFIGANT drop

    50% of deer hunters hunted archery seasons.......... tell that to the Kool Aid drinkers! Archery hunters are not waiting for gun season.......

    Archery deer: bucks 20% of harvest..... antlerless 25% of harvest!


    Ehd in 22 counties..........

    5 county area around Parke county -25% in deer harvest from 2005

    Clay county the worst at -35% compared to 2005

    All numbers soon to be posted on the IDNR got it first here.

    Here are some more of Dr Mitchells comments......

    Our deer check system while slow is more accurate than Tele Check and some States are having difficulties with Tele chek...... NO plan to go to Tele Chek

    OBR appears to be a go for next five years, no plan now and maybe ever to return for a "test " of two bucks to confirm OBR.

    Leasing continues to grow in Indiana, and will as Indiana is recognized as a big buck state.

    Pistol cartridge rifles are controversial and no decision is made and he has no confidence level either way on decision.

    CWD will get to Indiana as well as Maine to Florida to Texas..... learn to live and hunt with it.

    Severe EHD out breaks have been on a 10 year cycle for previous 20 years and are a concern.......Indiana deer do not have a chance to build anti bodies.

    Here is a quote of Dr Mitchell..............

    "We are certain if not for EHD in 22 counties we would have had a record deer harvest, not a record antlered buck harvest but an overall deer harvest."

  2. great info, what is the other countieswith ehd?
  3. Sorry, but Indiana will never become a top state for producing big Whitetail Bucks. With habitat shrinking daily and the increasing use of land, for growing corn for Ethanol production (Big gamble & mistake); this will eleminate a lot of the land set aside for wildlife. Then we have ever increasing pressure to build new Highways, industrial parks, housing subdivisions, and shopping malls, plus we live in a highly populated state. I should also throw into the "mix" a lack of interest of Younger Hunters, due mainly to all the red tape they must go through to secure a place to hunt. So these young (would be) hunters get other hobbies like computer games, etc. I have heard, from both Residents & Non-Residents, the biggest problem, hunting in Indiana, is a lack of places to hunt, plus the costs involved. <Sorry for "stiring-the-pot" on this issue> But we must ALL realize these facts, I mentioned.

    A VERY serious threat to the Deer Herd in Indiana!!!
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  4. Land Mass

    INDIANA is also the smallest Land mass west of the Appalachian Mts.....We do just fine for our size!!!!;)
  5. Good stuff JB............we are well on our way!!!
  6. That's kind of funny, as someone who doesn't really follow all the record books, I watched two county records be scored in one day this year. Open your eyes man, try seeing a little of the good in things once in a while, just might enjoy life a bit more.
  7. Okay, if you say so. But Indiana will never be a Deer Hunters' "Mecca".
  8. I am certain that occasionally a nice "record" Buck is taken inside the Indiana boarder, but these record buck are few & far between. Like I said landuse changes are going to take a BIG bit out of what we have left, as far a Hunting opportunities present here in Indiana. Severe EHD out breaks, are going to be a limiting factor as well.
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  10. David:

    If Indiana will never be known as a "big buck State" then we don't have to worry about leasing as Dr Mitchell is.......:coco:

    Hunting IS NOT in death throes as you protray, thirty three schools in Indiana now have archery programs as part of ciriculum. Two of those are in Indianpolis public school system! Nine schools are waiting for equipment, the IDHA will fill a couple of those in the coming weeks.

    IDNR has free hunting weekends, IDNR has dropped Hunter Ed for those weekends. The cost of a youth license is $7.50. What did you say detered new hunters?

    Becoming an Outdoors Woman programs accross he United States has been a huge success. Women today are the fastest growing segment into the outdoor sports of fishing and hunting. Wheeling Sportsmen, a group started by the NWTF works hard to get physically challenged involved in outdoor sports, the list goes on and on............

    What is missing? YOU!!! Quit complaining, get away from the computer and get another person involved in hunting and fishing........;)
  11. Not complaining here, just stating facts, as I see them.