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2006 Deer&Turkey Expo in Indy

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Travis907, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Who all is planning on attending the Deer&Turkey Expo in Indianapolis next month?

  2. I will be there from open to close each day, stop by the IDHA booth introduce yourself and ask for Joe Bacon.

    there will be some suprises at the show this year!
  3. I'll be working the show also, but I will be in a green uniform.
  4. Surprises

    Can you elaborate, Joe!?
  5. I got sentenced to the Home Show (starting Jan. 27) for 11 straight days. I am sure I will be sick of the fairgrounds by the time the BST show kicks off.

    I go just about every year, and just about every year I say, "I'm not going back".....may jjust take a ride to Clarksville (Bass Pro) instead of doing the Renfro show.
  6. Surprises


    What kind of surprises? Give us a hint.

  7. Suprises....

    I'd hang around the scoring area on Saturday Morning....
  8. If you know something, let us know. Because if you dont we'll hunt you down and give you an atomic wedgie.

    Im going to see my most favorite hunter in the whole world.
    Roger Raglin!!!
  9. Sat. morning with JB

    O.K., Saturday morning with JB. I sure hope it is worth it. Raglin is the man, I hope one day to be half the big buck slayer that guy is.

  10. My hunting buddy Tim and I will be there for sure.
  11. So, what are you doing at the Home show for that period of time?
  12. Saturday is the day... Can't wait!!!

  13. I`ll Be Their With My Buddies As Always. I Would Like To See The Deer And Turkey Portion Expanded And Run Longer. I Want More Hunting Related Exibits, Less Boats And Campers, Anybody Else Feel The Same.
  14. I wish that it would run longer, especially since the fishing seminars have su*ked the past few years. Hell one year, Kevin Van Dam, Davy Hite, Larry Nixon all spoke at the Boat Sport and Travel Show.

    Anyways, will anyone be scoring deer at the Expo in a couple of weeks? Who are the slated speakers at some of the seminars?