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2006 DNR Sport Licenses

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by ICOKnoy, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Prices for the 2006 licenses have been released. 2005 and 2006 prices are listed.

    Resident Hunting
    2005-14.25 2006-17.00

    Resident Fishing
    2005-14.25 2006-17.00

    Resident One-Day Fishing
    2005-7.00 2006-9.00

    Resident Hunting & Fishing
    2005-20.75 2006-25.00

    Resident Annual Trapping
    2005-14.00 2006-17.00

    Resident Spring & Fall Turkey
    2005-23.00 2006-25.00

    Resident Youth Hunt/Fish
    2005-7.00 2006-7.00

    Non-Resident Hunting
    2005-60.75 2006-80.00

    Non-Resident Fishing
    2005-25.75 2006-35.00

    Non-Resident 7 Day Fishing
    2005-12.75 2006-20.00

    Non-Resident 5 Day Hunting
    2005-25.75 2006-31.00

    Non-Resident Annual Trapping
    2005-114.75 2006-140.00

    Non-Resident Turkey
    2005-114.75 2006-120.00

    Trout/Salmon Stamp
    2005-9.25 2006-11.00

    2005 Licenses and stamps have had their expiration dates extended to March 31, 2006. Licenses can be purchased online a
    Fall Turkey and Deer Licenses will be available later in 2006.
  2. Heads up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHOCKER!!!! That has nothing to do with you either dnrlawman. Why are they waiting to post the deer tag prices???
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  3. Lawman- Thanks for the info. it makes me more thankful all the time I have a lifetime hunting license
  4. Ltl

    Count your blessings Goggle!!! I missed getting mine by a few days. I thought I had read, or heard that it was going to be on sale through July, but when I called after the fourth they told me the bad news.
  5. Lots of disappointed people out there about the Lifetime.
  6. ltl

    Maybe Mitch and Kyle will need some quick cash and run a "you missed it the first time special". I somehow managed to find the jack for the lifetime hunting first time around.

  7. I think I'm still paying for it on my credit's still worth it.
  8. Im glad I have a lifetime license...I got mine when they cost....ummm...they were....ummm.....Oh wait, they were free, my girlfriend bought them for me. Lucky me.
  9. I'm still :banghead3 because I screwed around and didn't get my LL. And now the annuals keep on climin' %$*&#@. Maybe they couldn't post the deer tag $ yet because they didn't want to give us too much sticker shot all at once. :bash:
  10. For the outdoor time we get even the new fees are a bargain. Somebody has to pay for research and enforcement. I still have to buy a fishing license.
  11. LTL update

    This is a link that I posted a few weeks ago to give those of us without a LTL that there is a bill in the House of Representatives in the current legislative session, that would bring the LTL back.

    I would like to see those of us that do not have a LTL as well as those of you who do, please contact your state elected officials to let them know that you support this bill.
  12. that sucks i never got one. to bad for me but hey thanks for all the info any on the youth liscence.
  13. aint that the truth a good friend of mine already got his and now he really loves it because after i cant hunt on a yl i am going to be paying out my ass for tags.
  14. I've been told by a very high ranking IDNR employee that this bill will go nowhere.Not too many pols will vote for this when they voted to eliminate it last year.

    One thing that will be looked at in the future is a yearly "Sportsman's License" (like Kentucky has) that will cover all licenses and tags like the Lifetime License, only it would have to be bought yearly.

    That could be a savings to hunters that hunt everything.
  15. CNS...I would be for the Sportsman License if the LL never comes back.