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2006 Early Migratory Game Bird Seasons

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by varmint101, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. 2006 Early Migratory Game Bird Seasons


    Sora rail


    Sept. 1 - Nov. 9

    Daily Bag Limit: 25

    Possession Limit: 25

    Mourning dove


    Sept. 1 - Oct. 15

    Nov. 10 - Nov. 24

    Daily Bag Limit: 15

    Possession Limit: 30



    Oct. 14 - Nov. 27

    Daily Bag Limit: 3

    Possession Limit: 6

    Common snipe


    Sept. 1 - Dec. 16

    Daily Bag Limit: 8

    Possession Limit: 16

    Blue and green-winged teal


    Sept. 1 - Sept. 16

    Daily Bag Limit: 4

    Possession Limit: 8

    Canada goose


    Sept. 1 - Sept. 15

    Daily Bag Limit: 5

    Possession Limit: 10

    Common moorhen



    King, Clapper, Virginia Rail




    Teal and early-season goose hunting is not allowed at Kankakee FWA.

    Hovey Lake FWA does not offer early-season goose hunting.

    Several state properties require non-toxic shot while hunting dove fields.

    Check at property headquarters for special regulations before hunting.


    Regular Waterfowl Season dates have not yet been set for this fall


    Note New HIP Registration Information:

    Licensed hunters in Indiana must register each year with the National Migratory
    Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP) before they hunt coots, doves, ducks,
    geese, snipe, sora rails or woodcock.

    In order to register, hunters must visit the DNR website at
    (click on "HIP registration") or call 1-866-671-4499 (available August 15, 2006)
    and provide the information requested. The average time it takes to register is
    less than five minutes. At the end of the registration, the hunter is given a
    validation number to record on his or her license. This number is valid from the
    date of registration through the close of the last 2006-2007 migratory bird
    hunting season. Lifetime license holders and persons on military leave must also
    register with HIP. Resident landowners and tenants who hunt on their own land
    must also now register with


    Hunters need only to register once each season, not each time they hunt. In
    addition to providing name and address during the call, hunters are asked
    questions designed to identify which species they hunted last year and, in some
    cases, the number of birds they harvested.

    HIP is a joint effort between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and state
    wildlife agencies. The program improves harvest estimates for migratory game
    birds nationwide. Once the harvest information is gathered, the information is
    used by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the states to ensure that
    decisions regarding hunting seasons are soundly based on scientific evidence.

    Migratory bird hunting regulations:

    Order a Federal Duck Stamp:

    Call (800) 782-6724 or go to:

    Fish and Wildlife Area info:
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