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2006 Deer hunter predictions.....

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. As 2006 is upon us I offer up my predictions for what will transpire in relation to all "predictions" upto this point from experts. This is merely my opinion....based on the fact that I am the only "expert armchair biologist" in the group.

    1) Quail will score in 2006....hey, does are good eatin' too.

    2) Randy scores again...Bruce gets more company on the "Wall of Shame"...spikes are "trophies" too.. Just ask Woody and Co.

    3) Werstler gets another buck...No need for me to score this lil fella.

    4) Dew gets many nice pictures...yes, Dew, only pictures.

    5) J.L calls in with F.L.U sometime in November...but the 220" proves to be a figment of all our imaginations.

    6) HuntinIN gets a nice buck...and gets really drunk with me at a Purdue football game. Hickup...!! We'll have to get drunk to be able to deal with how ****** our defense is.

    7) Traditionalbowhunter scores on a buck...and we continue to hear how we compound shooters are heathen.

    8) Oldrookie discovers how frustrating bowhunting is...hang in there Bill!!!

    9) I score on my best buck to date...and you all have to read all about it in future magazine issues. Not only do I dominate the trail camera contest, but I also shoot the biggest buck and then go to Kansas and shoot an even bigger one. After I have the best season of my life, I also get the ski bunny in the end. Eat it Quail.

    10) Scrapewatcher strikes again...Well, he watches scrapes. And takes a dandy near a scrapeline.

    11) Tucker takes a good one...and has me score it...because he wants it done correctly.

    12) Who did I forget?

    The above opinions are merely those of some half witted outdoor writer who is delusional, crazy, and un intelligent. Opinions are not to be taken seriously; unless they get under your skin, then they are to be taken very seriously: nor are they intended to destroy relationships built up over the last several months. Although the author is the only real "expert" on this and other sites, he is not to be taken seriously, because he is merely an armchair biologist with a bad attitude.
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  2. compound guys are heathens? When have i ever said anything like that??? Good luck to everyone... Oh yeah and GO ND oops different thread
  3. The does work for me, freezer is getting a bit empty!!

    I do have a bare spot by the fireplace....needs some bone.
  4. Does? Bucks? Heck when i'm deer hunting first one comes cruisin by gets first stik by my arrow.:evil: :evil:
  5. So you live by the "brown it's down" theory of deer hunting?
  6. I thought that was a theory about plumbing.
  7. Do not motivate me Dean.........I repeat..............Do NOT motivate me. [​IMG]

    Smokey Z..............tell him...........DO NOT Motivate me........
  8. LOL, treehugger i haven't heard of that theory before, but yes that does describe the way i hunt. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  10. What About Your Real Friends Deano, The Truth Comes Out!!!
  11. Unfortunately, Weimers "Best Buck to Date" is still much, much smaller then the bucks the rest of us have on the wall now.
  13. Really, what is your top scoring buck Scooter????? Don't be so sore Scoot, those bucks are out just has to hunt them.