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2006 Oath.......

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. In the spirit of Red Green's Possum Lodge gathering Oath, I offer up the opening lines of the 2006 Antler Worshipping Zombies' Oath.

    I am a man.......

    ** please, feel free to add new, updated lines to the OATH
  2. I'm a man
    and I can chase
    free ranging whitails
    do you think randy's boss
    is a hoax?

  3. I am a man and I can chase Whitetails
    I will bring home the bounty, regardless of county
    I am a man and I can chase Whitetails
    I can put up with all my wife's scorn, 'cause it all comes down to bringin' home the horn
    I am a man and I can chase Whitetails
    If I don't score big it is all not a loss, remember in '05 I killed The Boss
    I am a man and I can chase Whitetails
  4. I believe this last oath/poem?? lends credence to your theory Quail.....:confused:
  5. Hate to say it, but I think the boss will have to move over on the wall and make some room for company.
    That is assuming he won't tip the canoe and loose his deer in the drink on the way back to camp. We already know when faced with this problem, he won't be able to call for help...dead deer don't grow, and soggy cells don't ring!
  6. I am a man
    and i will chase anything with a nice rack
    i am a man
    i may be drunk or carrying my huntin pack
    i am a man
  7. i am a man
    i'll find all the scrapes
    if i kill a biggin
    you won't shut me up with duct tape
    i am a man
  8. I am a man, and I will hunt
    large antlered bucks,
    without worshipping them,
    but I highly doubt it,
    I think.....
  9. I am man with a bow in my hand
    My blood will boil while I toil
    For antlers so great I will emulate
    My will is strong the path is long
    To my hunting place were I will face
    In my sight the mainbeam of light
    The glitter of bone gray in tone
    I will go alone
    I am a man
  10. I am man
    that hunts the land
    I am man that puts out Trophy Rocks
    and then I put deer in a crock pot.