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2006 Youth Deer Hunt

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by CambyGSP, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Not sure if the folks around here are aware, but it's a done deal!

    Indiana will see it's FIRST EVER youth deer hunt in 2006.

    Tentitive plans call for a "any legal weapon" antlerless only youth deer hunt the last weekend of September, 2006.

    I have access to two properties that will not allow the harvest of antlerless deer, as the owner thinks the deer population on these lands is too low to be killing doe deer.

    I understand the importance of harvesting antlerless deer on properties where deer densities are high. we really want kids to get caught up in all the "management" brew-haa?

    Shouldnt kids just concentrate on hunting SAFELY? and not worry too much about buck to doe ratios? Isn't there ALOT we need to teach these kids BEFORE we introduce them to *MANAGEMENT*?

    My hat is off to the state for FINALLY realizing that kids are the future of hunting, but making the yoth deer hunt antlerless ONLY is sending the wrong message!
  2. I am not a big hunter. But I can agree with what you are saying. If the goal is to have youth hunt, enjoy the hunt, become and stay hunters for life... then why antlerless only? I would think they would get exponentially more excitement out of some kid nailing a big buck. Plaster the kid all over all the literature for hunting Indiana 2006, the website, etc.

    Just my $.02


  3. I personally think that it is great that the State is recognizing the need for a youth hunt. I'm not 100% sold on the idea of the potential date, but do see why that weekend was looked at. It is not going to be at a time when there are archery hunters in the woods to worry about. Then again being an avid bowhunter, I like the idea of entering an undisturbed woods. That is just being selfish on my part. I know...:gaga: I would be more than willing to give that undisturbed woods up to get the youth more involved in deer hunting. After all, they are the ones who are going to be there to pass on the tradition when we are gone. I just don't know that the idea of limiting them to a doe is a good idea however. If a buck of any size walks out in front of a youth hunter, they are just going to have to let them walk on by. I suppose this may be to keep the unethical parent of shooting a good sized buck that is not quite weary of the upcoming deer hunters. I'm just glad that they are looking at the youth hunts now.
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  4. I am very excited about this 2006 youth hunt. I told my 8 year old daughter about it today and she was very excited...YES, I said 8 year old daughter. She went out with me last year without a gun and sat in the blind with me and thought it was cool. She took the hunter ed. class this spring and hunted with me this firearms season on a limited basis with her Rossi .410 shotgun. As any kid she initially was bored after a short while but after we saw our first deer she said, "Man Dad, this is fun!". She is into it already at 8 years old. That my friends is what it is all about and what we as hunters, of any species of game, have a responsibility to do...PASS IT ON! :)

  5. WHER can my boy take class i live plainfield :help: :help:
  6. My girls both started going out with me at nine yrs old. Just bought another two person ladder stand to use next season. When the weather is not great, we use pop-up ground blinds, keeps the chill off of them, and they can move around more, eat snacks, makes it more enjoyable. This year, took both girls out at the same time, watched 3 bucks ( rather small bucks ) move into our area, the kids talked about it for days after!
  7. I'm not sure in that area but I think if you check the IDNR website they may have a schedule listed. I know in this area there is usually a class in the spring, April timeframe, and one in the fall, September timeframe. That way it gets everyone qualified before the spring turkey season and before the fall deer season and other game seasons. Check that website out first, if it isn't available there contact your local conservation officer and they may have the info.

  8. Brewer check the online Hunter Ed. Thread I posted a link to the class list.
  9. Dont schools offer hunter education anymore??? I know I got my hunter education in the 6th grade, we had a class in our middle school. It wasnt something you signed up for, everyone took it.
  10. In Morgan County they offer Hunter Ed. in the Mooresville Middle School through the Health class. This has been offered since 1978-79 and has certified close to 200 students a year. A sign of the times......It is very diificult to get schools to introduce hunter education.
    As for the above post about not being able to kill an antlered deer. I always thought the hunt was more than just the kill.
    I guess times have changed, when I took hunter education in school we had all the different kinds of shotguns laid out in our classroom and got to take them apart and see how they function. We even had a class we could sign up for in the winter where we made our own muzzle loaders from a kit, that was fun. After we finished making our guns we got to take a trip to the firing range and practice with them.Those were the good times, I still have the rifle I made, a CVA Frontier Carbine in 50 cal.
  12. I teach at East Noble High School at Kendallville and we offer Hunter Ed through a Natural recources class. Noble county CO's Gary Bontrager and Rod Clear teach it a couple of times a year. As Conservation Officers they still bring in Hunting guns to show the kids. For anyone else but law enforcement its a felony. (its a felony for me to have a shotgun in the trunk to hunt after school)
  13. I took hunters ed while in middle school as well. 6th grade I believe and it was during our English class of all things.
  14. Youth Hunt

    Hey Goggleye, What's your real name?? I live in Garrett, and know Chris Depew, Gary Ort, etc. Just curious. We probably know each other. I took hunters ed. in May, 2004 because I needed it to draw my Iowa deer tag. Rod Clear and some of his other fellow officers do a heck of a job.

    I think the youth hunt is an excellent idea, and I don't see any thing wrong with making it an antlerless only hunt. I think that proper management is a thing to instill in hunters early. This is the 21st century and things like traditional management are a thing of the past. Besides, these kids can still participate in the regular deer seasons, right?? They could then try for a buck.
  15. You will have un-ethical parents sitting jr. and his sister on record buck,only to shoot it themselves. Sad,but true.They do it now through the reg. season.Shoot deer and have the kids claim it.Wonderful parents!.If I hurt anyones feelings on this, to bad!