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2007 DNR reserved hunt opportunities

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. [FONT=Verdana, Arial]2007 DNR reserved hunt opportunities

    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources offers hunters reserved hunts for
    mourning dove, military/refuge deer, Goose Pond FWA upland game, and game bird
    habitat area pheasants. Hunters can also apply for state park deer reduction

    Hunters can apply online after July 1 for late-summer and fall 2007 reserved
    hunts at:

    Hunters can also mail application cards from the 2007-08 Indiana Hunting and
    Trapping Guide, which will be available in late July at most sporting goods
    shops, outdoor stores and DNR properties throughout the state. A copy of the
    mail-in applications will also be available after July 1 at

    Hunters may use a single mail-in application to apply for any or all of the
    dove, pheasant, state park deer reduction, Goose Pond FWA upland game or
    military/refuge deer hunts, as well as the spring 2008 spring wild turkey
    reserved hunts. A person can apply for each type of hunt only once.

    All applicants will be notified of drawing results by mail.

    2007 reserved hunt application deadlines
    First date listed is mail-in application due date
    Second date is online application deadline

    - DNR Property Dove Hunts (July 20; Aug. 3)
    - Military/Refuge Deer Hunts (Aug. 17; Aug. 31)
    - State Park Deer Reduction Hunts (Aug. 17; Aug. 31)
    - Goose Pond Upland Game Hunts (Sept. 21; Oct. 5)
    - DNR Reserved Pheasant Hunts (Sept. 21; Oct. 5)

    Mail-in applications for each hunt must be received at the DNR Customer Service
    Center in Indianapolis by the due date to be eligible for the drawing. Late
    applications and/or incorrectly filled-out applications will be disqualified. If
    more than one application is received for the same hunter, all applications for
    that hunter will be disqualified.

    No faxed or over-the-phone applications will be accepted. Overnight mailed
    applications are acceptable, but must be received at the DNR Customer Service
    Center by the due date, not merely postmarked by that date. Walk-in applications
    will be accepted at the DNR Customer Service Center until 4:30 p.m. on the due

    The DNR Customer Service Center is located in the Indiana Government Center
    South, 402 W. Washington St., Room W160, Indianapolis. Service Center hours are
    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    If you have any questions regarding the application process, contact DNR
    Customer Service Center at (317) 232-4200.

    2007 Deer Reduction Hunts
    Mail-in application due Aug. 17
    Online application deadline, Aug. 31

    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources will hold controlled deer herd
    reduction hunts at 18 state parks and one nature preserve.

    Deer herd reductions are sometimes required at state parks and nature preserves
    to maintain a deer herd size that is compatible with the ecosystem of each state

    Hunters can apply for the deer reduction hunts by completing the 2007 state park
    deer reduction application in the 2007-08 Indiana Hunting and Trapping Guide, or
    they may apply online after July 1 at

    Mail-in applications should also be available at the park properties after July
    1. The mail-in application deadline is Aug. 17. Reductions will take place Nov.
    26-27 and Dec. 10-11. Hunters will be selected using a random drawing. Deer
    taken in these hunts are in addition to all other deer bag limits. You may bring
    up to two buddies for this hunt. You must enter buddy information on the

    To be eligible for this hunt, you must be an Indiana resident, 18 years of age
    by Nov. 26, 2007, and possess an Indiana license to take deer.

    Each person may apply only once for each state park deer reduction event. Parks
    where firearms are used will draw first from the pool of hunters who have a
    valid Hunter Education Certificate. Parks designated for archery require an
    International Bowhunter or Hunter Education Certificate to apply.

    If you claim the hunter education preference and are drawn, you will be required
    to present your hunter education card at the property

    Deer Reduction Locations

    Firearm hunts
    -Chain O'Lakes State Park
    -Charlestown State Park
    -Harmonie State Park
    -Indiana Dunes State Park
    -Lincoln State Park
    -McCormick's Creek State Park
    -Ouabache State Park
    -Pokagon State Park
    -Potato Creek State Park
    -Shades State Park
    -Shakamak State Park
    -Spring Mill State Park
    -Tippecanoe River State Park
    -Turkey Run State Park
    -Versailles State Park
    -Whitewater Memorial State Park
    -Twin Swamps Nature Preserve

    Archery hunts
    -Clifty Falls State Park
    -Fort Harrison State Park

    Military/Refuge Deer Hunts
    Mail-in application due Aug. 17
    Online application deadline, Aug. 31

    Military/refuge deer hunts are offered for firearms hunters and archers on the
    following areas: (Note age restrictions.)

    - Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

    - Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (minimum age of 16 years old
    unless accompanied by a parent) Hunter education certification and two pieces of
    hunter orange required.

    - Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, (minimum age of 18 years old or 14 years
    old if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)

    - Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge

    Bonus antlerless deer licenses cannot be used for military/refuge hunts.
    Handguns are not permitted on any military area.

    Hunters can apply for the military/refuge hunts by completing the
    Military/Refuge Deer Hunt mail-in application in the 2007-08 Indiana Hunting and
    Trapping Guide, or they may apply online after July 1 at

    The military deer hunt application contains blanks for first and second choices
    for a firearms military/refuge hunt and an archery military/refuge hunt. If you
    wish to apply for both hunts, you must apply for both on one application.

    You may submit only one military/refuge application. However, you may fill out
    and return the DNR property dove hunt, reserved pheasant hunt, and Goose Pond
    FWA hunt applications at the same time as the military/refuge deer hunt

    If more than one application is received for the same hunter, all applications
    for that hunter will be disqualified.

    Hunters will be selected through a random drawing. All applicants will be
    notified of the results by mail in late September. Information regarding success
    in the drawing will not be available until after Oct. 1. If you have any
    questions about the military/refuge deer hunt offerings, call the DNR Deer
    Hotline at (812) 334-3795 between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

    The drawing will not select partners. Every hunter selected through the drawing
    may choose any person as a partner to hunt with him/her on any military/refuge
    hunt. Selected hunters will have the option of hunting with or without a partner
    on all areas that do not specifically require a partner. As in the past, Crane
    NSWC and Big Oaks NWR require that you bring a partner.

    The hunter selected in the drawing will be provided with two forms for admission
    to the hunt (Notification I) and two license request certificates (Notification
    II). While each individual can only submit one hunt drawing application, each
    individual can participate in multiple hunts if chosen as a partner in addition
    to being selected in the drawing. However, on any one hunt day, an individual
    cannot be both a partner and a selected hunter or be a partner with more than
    one selected hunter.

    There is no limit on how many times a hunter can participate as a partner. A
    hunter chosen as a partner by more than one person can use the partner license
    request certificate from each selected hunter to obtain multiple licenses. A
    partner can take one deer for each license provided, but may not exceed the
    daily bag limit for the hunt area.

    Big Oaks NWR Youth Hunt
    A youth deer hunt will be held at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge. To apply,
    send a postcard postmarked by Oct. 1 with the youth's name, date of birth, phone
    number and address to: Big Oaks NWR, 1661 W. JPG Niblo Rd., Madison, IN 47250.
    For information about all Big Oaks hunts, visit:

    Newport Chemical Depot
    There will be no public hunt at the Newport Chemical Depot during the 2007

    Muscatatuck NWR
    Muscatatuck will have two separate special permit hunts, an archery hunt from
    Oct. 27 - Nov. 11 and a muzzleloader hunt from Dec. 8 - Dec. 23.

    The muzzleloader hunt must be placed as a firearms choice on the application.
    Hunters may apply for both hunts but can be drawn for only one day during each
    hunt. There is no choice of hunting dates. Handguns and crossbows are not
    allowed. For information, call the refuge at (812)522-4352.

    Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center
    Only one deer per person per hunt day may be taken with a firearm at Crane.
    There will be no archery hunt
  2. I'm gonna try to get in on the Chain O' Lakes hunt...just cuz...

  3. All of mine have been filled out and submitted.:coolgleam
  5. Alright fellas... details seem vague.

    I am a lifetime license holder.... do I have to buy tags for either the state park reduction hunts or the military/refuge hunts...??? Does the regular license holder have to buy them. Are there any other fees associated with the application/drawing process... or the hunt itself...???

    Military/refuge hunts are clear that harvest is in addition to regular bag limits. What about the state park hunts...??? Thanks in advance...
  6. There are no tags to buy as a lifetime license holder. Just go to the site, select the kind of license you have, enter your number, fill out your profile, and select your hunts. Pretty simple.
  7. I put in for the bowhunts and Goose Pond-January, we will see.. Still too much of a pansy to do the deer gun hunts.:hide:
  8. Finally got drawn last year for P. Creek, and ended up having to go out of town on business those two days! :banghead3

    I've got mine in again this year. The electronic application sure is slick!
  9. OK... so what about the bag limits for state park hunts... are these in addition...???

    I saw a note somewhere about hunt fees not being reimbursed due to cancellation of hunt. What is this about...??? Just trying to understand the scope... doesn't make much sense to hunt a state park with a million gun hunters if you have already harvested your buck.
  10. Fairly sure the park reductions don't count against your regular deer totals (Fort Ben is this way). There are no fees that I am aware of if you have a LTL.
  11. Bag limits for Park and military hunts are IN ADDITION to what you normally get. You are allowed "X" number of deer at each one, one of which usually can be antlered. These hunts DO NOT cut into your regular bag limits.

    As far as lost fees, all I can figure is that they won't reimburse you for your license costs if you have to bail on the hunt at the last minute. Being a Lifetime holder, I've never had to buy a license, so if I bailed it never cost me anything. When I do bail (usually because of work:banghead3) I always call them as soon as I know that I can't make it so that they can re-assign my spot to someone else if they choose to.
  12. Crane charges a special non-refundable $20 fee per hunter whether you have a lifetime license or purchase the special military refuge license. I would assume that it pays for the security officers and other personnel who have to show up on base to run the Sunday hunts.
  13. Same at BIG safety meeting