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Team 1 Buckman, titanium700, jbones25 with a total of Total- 58pts

One or two deer shy of taking the lead was our 2nd place finisher- Team 12 with 42 points.

And in the 3rd spot was Team 5 with 39 points.

Our biggest scoring deer this season was Buckman's 13 pointer that scored 18pt for the contest.
The second biggest scoring deer was fishfearme's 11 point deer that came in with 16pts.

Thanks to all you that were involved and we will be opening the Turkey contest very soon!

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Can't believe 2 years in a row.
Though my teammates probably dont want me on their team next year I hope to be able to.
At least next year I'm not going out west on any hunting trips so I should hopefully be a better contender.
Thanks to my teammates for doing so well and thanks to FireLt72 for putting these little fun contests on.
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