2017-18 Deer Champs.....

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    1st Place-
    Team #1

    Total -53 pts Congrats guys nice work again this season. 2 time in a row champs.

    2nd Place
    Team 2
    Total- 42 pt

    #rd Place
    Team 4
    Total -30 pts

    All but one team got on the board. I will add that Team 2 had a drop midway through the season lol, so the victory by Team 1 is tainted hehehehe. No, they won fair and square. I was only giving them a hard time. Wtg all the teams and being safe. Looking forward to the spring turkey contest!
  2. Actually isn’t this the 3rd time in a row we won?

  3. Team 2 my bad. Had I killed that 130' buck at Brookville we would have won this year. I'm glad I could contribute but at the same time. Proud I stuck to my guns and proud I did it stick and string only. Thanks for the opportunity.
  4. I think they deflated the footballs, stole signals/signs and had cameras on everybody else!!!! Hahahahahah!!! Good job guys. Wish I could have contributed more to my team, but it's tough to kill what you don't see.
  5. Congrats to Team 1 I knew when I saw the team I was on it could have been big and we proved pretty close and I feel a bit dumb now but this is the sportsman and its all in fun and for the sake of the woods. No money no trophy type thing. I would have but in my defense the deer I had on camera in Bloomington perfect farm and scenario disapeard I think bc of a few larger coyotes on camera too. The times they walked by the camera I was not there most at night. I only had certain days my girlfriend doesn't understand hunting hours and what it takes to shoot a big one, and then Brookville. Was he a great buck by any of our standards yes perfectly broadside and a perfect tall tined but just small buck. You learn each year I guess am I going to listen to some naysayers and kill a small buck? No. I get a great kick out of shooting a mature doe so I can wait. This year I learned its not always as it appears no matter how perfect the setting, how little traffic, no hunting pressure food and water does over the months. The biggest bad boy buck apparently left on my private spot was a small 4 point who acted as if he was the man. Giants all summer then Poof so I had my reasons but I look forward to the turkey contest. I did get one victory in 2017 and you can't win them all. Good year team 1 and 2. hopefully we get you next year but better step up for turkey 2018.
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  6. It is the 3rd time in a row, but who's counting?!? Hahaha. Nice job team. Had a great time following how everyone in the contest was doing. Thanks again for putting this on. Already looking forward to next year.
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  7. Yup.
    I’m thinking.......
    A 4 peat?
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    Congrats to the champs and thanks to all who participated.
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