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2017 Deer Contest Sign Up

Discussion in '2017 IndianaSportsman Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by FireLt72, Jul 23, 2017.

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  1. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    I will be opening the sign ups for the deer contest soon in the 2017 contest thread. Please start signing up here. Rules will be the same as last year and as long as the #1 team wants to stay together to defend then they may do so.

    Reply here and let me know you are in. Contest runs September 15, 2017 – January 31, 2018

    The sign ups will close 9/14 at 11:59 pm and teams posted will be posted 9/15 - opening day of the urban season. The one change this year is we will have at least 3 person teams, but I will try and get enough hunters for 4-5 person teams. Scoring is 5pts for each deer, 1pt for each 1" or greater tine for bucks. You may enter 2 deer. They can be 2- antler-less @ 5pts each or an
    antler-less and 1 antlered deer.

    To be officially counted in contest the deer and the HUNTER MUST BE IN THE PHOTO together with the deer and that photo must be posted on the 2016 Deer Contest Kill Thread. You have two weeks from the date of kill to enter the deer or it doesn't count.

    Teams will be randomly drawn per hunters voices!!!

    Team 1

    If they sign up and agree to defend their title!!!

    Again we will give a 5pt bonus for each hunter that takes a youth out. You will receive 1- 5pt bonus per hunter. If you have 5 kids you take out you still only get the single bonus of 5pts. If there are questions please refer to last years rules as they are the same with the changes listed here. Last years winning team will be entered together if they wish to hunt together again and will be team #1. All teams can name their teams, but keep it family friendly. Questions should be directed at me. If there is an issue you have with someones deer you may contact me in writing with the concern and I will pass it on and confer with the Mods and Steve. Our ruling is final- there are no prizes this year as of yet, but braggin rights!


  2. I'm in and would like to remain on team #1 if my past partners oblige.
    This year I'm not going out west on any hunts so I will be able to concentrate on whitetail much more.
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  3. I am in. Never saw more deer in my life than I am this year. The Uncle in the family has planted about 50-60 acres in alfalfa grass and its crazy how they are tearing it up. I know eventually it won't be so good but I'm enjoying it saw 4 bucks and 2 does just Saturday evening and they didn't care about me being on the road either. The place hasn't been hunted and they are not threatened. I bow hunted it 1 year in 2015 and saw an absolute stud but being bow only I couldn't shoot him. 10 bucks before I saw a single doe. Saw 31 in 4 sits basically all season and let them all walk with nothing but natural food. Now no telling I just set my cams yesterday so hopefully I have decent pics to show.
  4. Come on guys lets go ahead and get these signed up 84 views only 6 folks have signed up its going to be awesome this year!
  5. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    Monster you are always welcome my friend!! IN!
  6. I would like to participate too.
  7. I'd also like to get in. Thank you Lt!
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