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2017 Team Turkey Champions

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by FireLt72, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    Team #4
    bonecollector14 - 66.26
    Honker-Konker - 65
    Buck blaster - 66.25
    bigred198 - 60.563
    Big Dave - 57.625
    Total- 315.688
    If they choose to keep the band together for next season they will be team #1 and have the opportunity to defend!

    Second place goes to last years champs-
    Team #1
    SX3 - 63
    SX3-13 - 76.25
    SX3-14 - 66.5
    SX3-N13 - 58
    Total - 263.75

    The third spot goes to team...
    Team #5
    Firelt72 - 56
    Patrick Mullen -
    Arrowmaster - 57.50
    Hunter47331 - 56
    Seabee - 60.25
    Total - 229.75

    We had a 66% success rate. That is fantastic when you look at the state average and i believe it is only 25%.
    I am thrilled the contest went so smooth and everyone was safe. Thank you for making it so easy on me. You all are the best!
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  2. Congrats Team 4. My vote is to keep the team together for next year!
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  3. Congrats.
    Had fun and already look forward to next year.
    Thank you Eric for all you do with the contest.
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  4. Congratulations team 4,
    Sorry to my team I couldn't seem to put it together to bag a bird.
    It's like 6 years in a row for me I've been skunked. ☹️
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  5. Good job guys!
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  6. Great job guys
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