2018 Public Land Double Bearded Gobbler

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  1. Hmm who’s not successful. Double beard 25 lbs 1 inch spurs. I don’t need private land.

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  2. Good job. Really. Low blow on my part.

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    Congrats on bird.
  4. No sir I killed him at Wilbur Wright small 1200 acres in New Castle. I've had 4 chances this year but all with my bow 1 of them with my gun but didn't take the shot due to dead grass being in front of me. Its 5 minutes from the house for me so I'd rather kill a bird there.
  5. That's awesome congrats i heard u can hunt that, its not to far from me either
  6. Yea they are there I tagged out in 30 minutes last year this year was more difficult. but I was walking around and out there you cannot hunt past 1. I have been on birds and on birds but I had my bow in my hand so alot harder. We also have the prison on the back side that helps becuase they feel safe there. They released several birds years back and then again not too terribly long ago so the population is doing well. Alot of hens and poults. I think 8 were killed last year and a couple jakes. This year we are close to that. They are getting smarter and smarter. I saw him down a fire lane strutting in the middle no path or trail to get to him thorns on one side and an open private field on the other. I had never walked that lane so I peaked over the top and sure enough boom fanned out he was. I had no way to get to him so I waited until he turned his back or fan on me and I would move 3-4 feet it took about 40 minutes to get 50 yards I layed down in the side of the fire lane grass was kinda tall he was at the bottom of a hill. His hens came out and went back in the woods so I knew I was stuck I couldn't get any closer so when they came back out at 1250 I moved my head up and made sure they saw me and they walked into the private field and when they did that here he came up the hill another 15 yards or so at that point he saw me but since I was laying down he couldn't quite figure me out. He was looking and looking he turned sideways looking like he was about to follow them Boom Bang now or never. Dead.
  7. Awesome story did u hear a lot of birds there?
  8. He was silent only birds you hear are on the prison ground you’ll occasionally hear one gobble all on the roost
  9. And someone attempted to sabotage me too. Someone came into my spot and shot before daylight. I have an idea of who it was. He was angry bc I was hunting his spot as he says on public land and you know never kills anything of size. So I think it was him
  10. Crazy I might go scout it out now that seasons over and try it next year I hunted Switzerland county this year and there is a lot of bird lot of gobbling but a ton of hunters as well so lots of pressure and educated birds
  11. Your ate up man glad ya got a bird now settle down
  12. It's like everywhere else first week especially youth alot of people then when trout comes in more people walking. Our area has 3 dog runners that also run it almost every night of turkey season witch in turns most of the time moves the birds. It's like anything though one opening week get there as early as ya can and you'll prob see someone there already lol. I compare it to Quakertown birds are over called over done they seen every decoy you can offer but it can be done. Just be ready to hit everyday cause there pattern changes with the people. I live right down the road from it and still venture to brookeville and put in for draw hunts