2018 turkey opener

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  1. another turkey season come and gone before i knew it. its fun but it sure dont last long. this guy gobbled for almost an hour before he came down to my decoy. that was a long wait! i could see him gobbling up on the roost. lol he flew down to my decoy at 20yrds and took his last 3 steps. 11" beard and 1-1/8 2018turkey.jpg
    back to sacking up gills and crappie! oh and pickin shrooms.
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  2. Great Bird PRED. My morning was a bust. I guess the wind and cold affected our birds here at my public piece I killed opening morning last year. I didn't even hear a gobble. Pleanty of hens but no gobblers it was very odd. I'm going to my ridge in Brookville in the morning hopefully I get one.

  3. Well this morning was the best turkey hunt I have ever had! First time I ever call in birds!! Both my wife and I tagged out before 7 am! It was a great time and we are hooked for life! To top it off it was my wife's first turkey and had a double beard!!!
    22.5 lb 11.5 in beard and 1.5 in spurs
    My wife's was 23 lb 12.5 in beard 11.5 in beard and 1.25 in spurs.
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  4. thanks, and best of luck to you in the AM, bonecollector.

    thats awesome josh! i did that with a buddy for his first bird couple years ago. great fun doubling up. and since they stick around and trounce the dead one its easy to get that second one. lol post up some pics of your birds for us. and be sure and tell the story!
  5. I know this has been covered before but how do I post a picture?
  6. 2018042595063618.jpg The fog was terrible this morning, so we were running late. We got into the blind at 545. The toms were already hammering. I waited 10 minutes after setting out the decoys before calling. At 610 a tom and two hens came out. He came in to the right at 20 yards. She was on my left and couldn't shoot. After waiting as long as possible I went ahead and shot. I collected my bird and got back in the blind. 15 minutes went by with nothing then two toms gobbled about 300 yards at some geese. I called as loud as I could with nothing in return. Five more minutes went by and the gobbled again a little closer. I called again and they gobbled 100 yards away. Though the thick fog I could make out a black dot. I clicked a few times and two toms came running in. At 17 yards she laid the hammer down. Hell of a morning that we both will never forget.
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  7. Congrats to you all.
    Josh- awesome pics.
  8. cool pics josh! thanks for sharing them.
  9. Great job and nice turkeys everyone! Way to get it done!
  10. Thanks guys I appreciate it! It was really our first attempt at serious turkey hunting. We have been watching the bird I killed for three weeks. I was more excited that she killed her first bird with me sitting next to her. Pretty cool!
  11. Congrats gang.
    Aint been out yet.
    Tomorrow morning. Worked Friday, so didn't head south for today.
    Slept in...........yeah............I did.
    Gets easier to do that every year LOL.
  12. Congratulations! Nice Tom Turkey!!