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    Guys we are not getting a response like last years. I have posted the need for hunters on the main threads. Nothing. I am still leaving teams open till we can get some more guys signed up. Once we hit a week out I will have to make teams- REMEMBER IF YOU HARVEST EARLY OUT OF STATE SUBMIT ANYWAY! It will have zero bearing on the team you get, but will potentially get you on the board.

    No show from team one -
    Big Dave
    They have been removed. They have not checked in and have not signed up- I can't wait any longer. If someone signs up late I will try and work them someplace into the mix, no guarantees.

    Team #1
    Buck blaster -
    ddoss -
    Total - 136.125

    Sx3 -
    Sx3-14- 65
    Sx3-13- 61.56
    Sx3-N13- 62.5
    Total - 251.81

    Team Fire-N-Iced

    Arrowmaster - Eastern MO 22lbs L Spur 1in R spur 1in and 11in beard 64pts

    Total - 64

    Team #4



    Team #5

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  2. Throw me and 2 boys wherever, we’re ready
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    What are their ages
  4. If not too late I’d like to get in. Sorry for the late response.
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    IN and placed.
  6. Thank you I appreciate it. Good luck guys!!
  7. Team 1 did anybody else get birds I didn’t realize how close it could be this year. Maybe I’m eating my words it seems it’s possibke for even the super team to go down. I’m confident every year I’ll get a good bird. So SX3 I apologize. Y’all just make me hunt harder. Everything to me is about this contest. I know it’s just for fun but ask anybody I said I have to get a bird for my team. I wasn’t expecting a double beard but hopefully I still atleast get biggest bird. Come on team 1 let me see what y’all got.
  8. Waiting for updates Idk if there are any more scores to come in?? Titanium did you not get a bird?
  9. Nope,
    Been 5-6-7 years in a row for me birdless.
    That’s ok I’ve got 17 under my belt so I’m good.