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  1. I just switched over my Traditions Lightning to shoot 209 primers, Kickin myself in the a@# for not doing this sooner, No More Dry Fires. I got a doe opening weekend of M/L with it. The best 30 dollars I've spent in a long time.
    How many of ya have 209 M/L ?
  2. Mine uses 209's, haven't had a problem yet, but it is my first year using a M/L.

  3. Just converted my Remington 700ML this year. Love it.
  4. I got my grandpa to convert his Knight to 209's last year and he too was pleased with the conversion. Except he now wants a break open muzzleloader for ease of cleaning.
  5. That's all I shoot, but man they can be dirty. Think I'm gonna switch my breech plug to .25 ACP. You can pick one up for under $70. They make 'em for CVA, T/C, and four or five more muzzleloaders.
  6. i thinking of getting 25 cal primer for mine it does make sence that 209 is to much charge for it ?

    heres a link for the breech plugs
  7. got the knight disk (209)