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28 gauge / Is this a realistic bird gun

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Scotty, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. I just recently bought a Franchi 28 gauge (Nice Gun). I bought it mainly because when I was a kid my Dad and I went out Dove shooting with an old man that used this type of gun. He told me if I got good enough I could use that gauge one-day as my all around bird gun. As I have gotten older I realize that this may or may not be true. I guess I'm lookin for a little input. Is this a REAL bird gun or just a myth I have carried in my head from childhood. I have yet to shoot this fine shotgun and its a little late in the year to just up and trust it on a hunt with out a lil practice. Any input will be greatly appreciated. SCOTTY
  2. Scotty,

    You have a very nice gun there. Yes the 28 guage is a very good gun for upland hunting. I hunt quail and pheasants with mine but more quail than anything because I have a hard time finding #4's or #5's for pheasants but as I said, the gun is very good and a lot lighter than most cannons we usually carry in the field and my arms don't seem nearly as tired at the end of the day from carrying my 28 guage dbl barrel side by side.

    Greg Agee

  3. do you think it would work with rabbits?
  4. The 28 gauge should do anythying you want....especially if hunting with dogs. Like the other post said...sometimes ammo is hard to find and is more expensive. The 28 I have was given to my bro and I 30 years ago from a friend of my dad's. I still use it for squirrell when the 22mag lets me down.
  5. Scotty - what action is your Franchi? O/U or automatic? The 28 gauge will do just about anything you want to use it for. I use mine on grouse, woodcock, quail , chukar, and pheasants. More effective on the smaller birds but adequate for all.

  6. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    The 28 gauge is my next gun...picked up a CZ Redhead o/u at Gander Mountain...sweet gun...also looked at the CZ Ringneck sxs. There seem to be more and more out there...looked at the new Mossberg o/u...thought it was clunky and not put together very well.

    I think with pheasant, you would have to be selective on your shots. I used to duck hunt with my 20 and passed up many marginal shots.

    Saw a guy come out of a field carrying a 410 o/u with two wild birds--shot over a dog.

    But, I figure I can miss a Rooser with a 28 as well as I can miss him with my 20---just a lot less weight carried around.

    Just thought of a question for you 28 gauge guys...right now both my o/u's have 26" barrels, which I it better to go with 28" barrels with a 28 guage?
  7. Cary, I looked at the same gun while at the Gander Mnt in MI. I agree, it's very nice.
  8. My Old man has a O/U 28 Biakail (SP) and lOves it, he shoots plenty of wild roosters and did a real nice job on the quail last weekend. Hunting behing pointers makes the gun more effecient in my opionion. I have a 28 wingmaster that I rabbit hunt with all January and love it. Dad always shoots 7.5's and I always shoot 6's. Good luck buying shells they are freeking stiff priced
  9. I think the 28" barrel for the light 28 gauge. A little more ummf for the shot.
  10. It's a semi-auto. This gun is REALLY light and as soon as I get to a point and actually shoot the thing I'll let you know how well it swings. I probably will have to find a new buddy with dogs. I don't have any one I know that hunt birds, so hence the fact I dont know anyone with dogs. I have American Bulldogs so I can't introduce a new dog to the family unless I want to have a blood bath in the frontroom.
  11. I'd druther have a little more shot in the air but I hunted roosters for years with the 20 ga. I'd love to have a nice 28 SxS; perfect for preserve hunts, grouse in MI and woodcock here and up north. Doves... I used to carry a .410 to jump shoot doves with, the 28 would be perfect for that. And again, I killed many a bunny with that .410, that 28 would be good medicine.
  12. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Speaking of 28 gauges

    Has anyone ever picked up a Charles Daily o/u? 28 gauge looks nice...under 600.00.
  13. I've seen some Charles Daily guns for a relatively inexpensive price. I was also wondering if they were good guns or not.